The SCHOOL thread


Its when like you can remember your locker code but not some simple math questions?! :rofl:


Anxiety attack!


Take a deepbreath and think about christmas holidays




Honeeeyyyyyy i have school tomorrow i feelll you so much rn


hope your school year is better than before :slight_smile:


5 in the morning? Jeez. Whenever I have school I sleep in…


schools okay. english teacher is chill but too much work :sweat:


What’s your most embarrassing moment in school?
Mine was in 4th grade when i peed my pants in class, and 1000+ more embarrassing moments uhm uhm.
How about you?


Well I was in class, when my teacher said “Okay no one is allowed to go to the toilet” and I’m like “ah whatever, I don’t need to” when i realize my period is on the way. #embearrassing!


I had to use the bathroom really bad and I was right in front of the toilet and I peed right in front of it. I was wearing a dress and it got ruined.:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Probably when I called my teacher Mom by accident :joy:



Mine was 12 grade…Right now…Like at the beginning of the school year…
My teacher sat me in a corner Because I wanted to make fun of him…and then everyone was laughing at me.
But I wasn’t embarrassed.


When I was in 3rd grade, I started talking to my rubber during class without even realizing it.


I was in 6th grade and I was walking by the schools pool to get in and my friend was next to me she pushed me in and my crush caught me in the pool :woman_facepalming:t2:


I was chillin in foods class, pretending to swallow something. It looked like I was doing something else, cause I was using my hand.

I wasn’t embarrassed, it was kinda funny.




When I was a junior in high school. Me and my friends were listening to Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start The Fire. We were in one of the math teachers class room by ourself because it was the second to last day of school for junior year. I dicided that I should try and slide across some of the desks. While I was doing this a group of guys came in. One of the guys was my friend. He clapped. One of the other guys had been my friend. But we weren’t anymore. So it was embarrassing that I ended up doing that in front of him and his friends.


I had an embarrassing moment in an elementary school music class. In the music room, there were no desks, just rows of chairs. I had on a red hooded sweater that day. I felt someone touching my sweater. As I turned to look, the kid sitting behind me handed me two of my baby brother’s socks – not just any two socks, but a matched pair of little green socks. They had been in the hood of my sweater. The lesson: beware of static cling.


One time I accidently peed on the floor in kindergarden. The worst day of my life.