The Secret of Sherman High is BACK! (Episode 10 out now!)

Hello, my fellow creators!

I wrote a little update a few weeks ago saying that my story, The Secret of Sherman High, would be coming back after over a year of hiatus. I’m happy to say, it’s finally back! I just published Episode 10 onto the app. If any of you remember, when I went on hiatus, I had not finished Episode 10, but I let my readers read whatever I had up to that point.

Episode 10 is now complete! You can continue your adventures with Ryan, Jordan, Jyll and the rest of the cast!

New backgrounds! I remade several backgrounds that are featured prominently in the story, including your bedroom, your living room, and the exterior of Sherman High (there are more, but most are featured earlier in the story)

Love interest customization! I heard this comment many times when I was first writing the story, but I didn’t do anything about it until now. When you first meet some of the main characters in the story, including Jordan and Ryan, you will have the option to customize their appearance! Sorry for anyone that’s well into the story; you will have to replay in order to customize the love interests.

I also went back through the entire story and edited it. I changed some wording so it sounds a little better, and added some text effects and reader messages to enhance the overall quality of the story!

If you used to read my story and miss it, please check out Episode 10 on the app! And if you haven’t come across The Secret of Sherman High yet, please give it a read and let me know if you like it! I’m totally willing to do some read for reads or review for reviews, if anyone’s down. :blush:

Thank you for everyone who left kind messages in my fanmail! I’m doing this for all of you. :heart:

Also, please follow my Instagram @margaret.knox.episode for more updates as they come! Episode 11 will be coming soon!

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