The Secret of Sherman High is coming back!

Good afternoon, my lovely people!

My story, The Secret of Sherman High, took off in late 2016 and early 2017 when I first started writing it. I’m not sure how many of you even remember my story, considering how long ago my last chapter was published. I wrote and published nine episodes through April of 2017 before taking a very long hiatus. I started working on a tenth episode, but my work was cut short.

I know many of my readers were upset by me seemingly disappearing from Episode. TSOSH has around 19K reads currently, and I lament the fact that I left that story hanging for over year.

Good news: The Secret of Sherman High is coming back! I’m going to start off by revamping the look of some of the backgrounds and rewriting parts of the script to enhance the story, and then I will be publishing Episode 10 and beyond! I’m super excited to bring this story back, and I hope at least some of you guys can forgive me for taking such a long break and continue to read my story. I love you guys, and I’ll come back to the forums with an update really soon! :heart:

-Margaret A. Knox

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@Margaret.A.Knox cool, also, can I know what your Episode account is too?
:kissing_heart: Tessie

OMG I remember. I too went on hiatus for my story Struck by Cupid, and I also recently brought it back. I’m so excited this story is great!

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