The selection - RP


The castle
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Alexander Belleway
I yawned as I rolled over in the bed and stared out the large window that over looked the gardens. Today was the start of something I’d been dreading. I knew this would be the start of me transitioning to king and that wasn’t what I wanted. Even from a young age all I wanted to do was be a guard or fight in the army. I wished I was younger than my brother or born into a different family. Usually by now my old maid had been to my room to make sure I was awake and we would sit up for hours talking about the most random stuff. She was probably the person I trusted most but for a few weeks now we haven’t been together as much as we used to. I think it had to do with the whole selection thing. Again another thing I hated. I didn’t want to have to chose. If I make the wrong choice ill felt like I would be letting my family down. I didn’t know if I should let my heart or mind speak for me.
I stood and stretched my muscular body and walked to the bathroom that separated my brother and my room. I splashed water on my face and stared at myself in the mirror for a while. I wasn’t king material. I thought to myself. My tux for the day was already laying out. I didn’t want to put it on. It made me feel uncomfortable. Like I was trapped in a world I didn’t belong in. I sighed and pushed myself off the sink and back to my room.

I decided I would go for a run in the gardens, which stretched 2 miles long and 1.5 wide. I tied up my shoes and quietly walked down the long staircase and put one of the many hidden doors that led to the inclosed green house and straight to a path. I encreased my speed as I went on. It cleared my mind.
For awhile until I realized I was back at the castles front. It was a typical castle. More modern. Part looked newer than others. That was due to a fire Years back, before I was born. I sighed and rolled my eyes as I walked in and waved my hand lazily to the guards who were wondering where I came from as I walked back in. Back up to the room I lived my whole life in. Before changing to the tux I found myself watching as cars that held my future in them started to pull up.

Alicyn Montgomery
I leaned my head against the window of the car. They windows were tinted from the outside so I couldn’t be seen but I could see everyone else. I stretched my ankles and picked at the hem of the sweater (clothes) I was wearing. I knew I’d have to change my clothes to a dress when I got to the destination but for now I felt like myself. I didnt even know what dress is be wearing. It was picked out for me. Like this whole experience would be. Ive also barley ever seen the prince. Either of them for that matter. I couldn’t even tell you which was older. Though I knew the princess as she was the only girl.
I ran my hand through the blonde locks that lay over my shoulders. People were watching on the sides of the road to try and catch a glimpse of us ‘lucky ladies’. I didn’t feel very lucky. I wanted to be free. Not having everyone’s eyes on me and being told what I had to do. I was used to being my own boss.

As we approached I could feel my stomach start to work itself up. I felt like I was going to throw up. God I hope I didn’t. That’d be a horrible first impression. the car parked and people stood at the large entrance. The door opened and light came in to the dark car I’d been in for awhile now. I breathed in hard and gulped down my fear. I stood and put a small, yet scared smile on my lips and followed them into a room(drawing room one) in which all us girls would be waiting for further information.

this is kinda Long but just trying to get a good start. When it comes to times that they will be dressed up and such and you can post pics of what their dresses look like and all that also. the girls originally got a person who came to their door saying they were chosen but I didn’t play that out if you want to thats fine!


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Elizabella Hawkins
She walked in, and saw a few people sat around. She took a deep breath, scared. But she shook her head at herself, she shouldn’t be scared. This is my chance, she thought. Her eyes scanned around, and then they fell on one boy. She raised her eyebrows, instantly attracted. She walked over to him, looking up at him. “Hey, I’m Bella.” She smiled.

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Alexander Belleway
I envied my younger brother who could come and go as he wanted. He could talk to these girls and actually have fun not worry about if she was going to be his future wife or not. I was in my thoughts when I heard a feminine voice say hi to me and that her name was Bella. “Im Alexander.” I smiled slightly and let my gaze fall over her. “you can call me Alex though”

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Elizabella Hawkins
“Bet you must love all this. Everyone’s here to try and steal your heart.” She said in a jokingly dramatic way.

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I was so unprepared for this despite having worked for the family before and my best friend waa the young prince’s guard. I got out of the car and walked in. I knew i was already at a disadvantage. I was the last choice at the moment. I saw people and waved at the prince.


“oh yeah its just the best thing ever.” I said with a sarcastic eye roll and a slight chuckle to my voice. I was different from my brother in the way that he liked all this. he loved the attention he would be getting. Two other girls walked in. One blonde and another with red hair. She waved and I replied back with one and a smile.

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Elizabella Hawkins
She looked over at the other prince, who must be Alex’s brother. “I know how it feels to think that your brother gets all the attention. I had a brother too - he got alllll the attention.” She smiled.



Alexander Belleway
I nodded and let my eyes fall on the room for a second. it was starting to fill in and I knew my mom, dad, sister and brother would be coming down any second. “not just that he gets the attention,” I paused and looked back to her “he actually like it more than I do too.”



I sat down near the others quietly unsure what to do exactly.



Crap I was running late I zipped through the hall of the castle while straightening my clothes and pinning my short curly hair. How did I let’s this happened I ask myself internally. Oh yeah I fell asleep late while playing lala curse that evil feline. I straighten my clothes one more time before entering the room and sitting next to one of the other girls. Armani outfit



I smile “Hi.” I say softly to the girl next to me.


Elizabella Hawkins
She half laughed, half smiled - rolling her eyes too. She hated people who wanted attention. She probably won’t talk to Alex’s brother. “So, tell me about yourself, Alex. What do you do for fun? Why did you need to do this to find love, why couldn’t you do it before?”




“Hi” I say after I catch my breath. “Did they start already I swear my mom will kill me if I’m late”


“The prince is over there.” I say as i gesture towards him. I was unsure if i should talk to him or not I knew it was a compitition but I felt unworthy.


Alexandra Faye
She looked out of the window, at the raindrops sliding down the window. She put her hand on the window, sensing the cold it budded into her hand. She slid her hand down the window, feeling the weak itching in her fingers the friction caused. She took a deep breath and watched how rain stopped when they exited caste three. She rubbed her arms to warm them. When the car stopped, she bit her lips and pushed the door. She walked down the path, following the way she knew she was supposed to. When she entered the room, all the confidence she’s gathered through the ride was gone. Everyone was there. She was late. She smoothed out creases on her blue office dress and looked around.



Riley - I woke up scared. He’s not going to select me. I’m a teacher for goodness sake. Who’s would marry a young teacher. She looked out the window of the limousine and saw the rain had stopped. As if it didn’t pity on her. What if I get selected? What if he doesn’t want to have children… what if the other girls are rude…


We finally made to a stop and I got out and into the castle.



I inspected the prince he was cute but I new I wasn’t going to be chosen not that it really weighed me down I was happy with my life dancing with my troupe and living life care free " I’m Armani by the way"