The selection - RP



He laughed running back to the team as Fraser blushed. “He definitely is. Hey. You seem a little red. Is Tim now making straight guys question their Sexuality.” She laughed.


“Well… You’re warm company. Don’t get cocky, I still have Gary on speed dial. He’ll make me a mermaid.” She joked.


“I know… But if they’re not doesn’t that mean they’re not meant to be.” She asked kicking a twig, “dates… You said plural… You want more with me… I tried so hard and… Nothing… I did try. I swear I did…” She blinked, “You think it will work… You still think it will… Why? What makes you think it will all work out. I mean look at us… Do you think I was stupid for asking you out… Do you regret going out with me… I just wish it was better so we have happy memories RO look back on not this… And I just don’t know how to fix this anymore. I don’t know how to make it better. I just wanna make it better Percy.” She looked up at him fidgeting with her hands, “Happy? You can be happy with me? Even with everything I did?”
She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, “on the girl you like the most? With the smile you like the most?” She asked shyly and hopeful, “We’ll… Be… Okay…” She repeated looking back at him, “I wanna fix everything Percy. I can’t fix it. It’s not perfect and I just don’t know…”


“What? Nooooooooooo of course not. What distraction? Hey, did you know whales come from Whales?” He grineed, “I like fun.”




“Look at him. Acting all innocent. We got you neutered! SO YOU KNOW EXACTLY HOW THIS FEELS.” I sneered while Scout simply looked to me curiously and tilting his head to the side. “Hmph. You’re lucky I love you so much.” Scout barked, victorious as he licked Charlotte’s cheek. “Hey! Im not being rude, I’m protecting the goods!” I explained, motioning to my lap before carefully rolling back to them. “Okay, Im gonna try and join this hug, but all paws and hands away from the jewels, okay?” I joked, wrapping my arms around them.


My eyes widened worriedly as Eddie looked at me excitedly. “We should!” He grinned before throwing himself at me and out of Carson’s arms.
Not ready for him, I stumbled as I caught him, losing balance and falling on my butt in the water. “Eddie!”
“Yay! Mommy gets to play with us now!” I sighed, unable to remain upset at my son.
“Alright, alright! We’ll play.”




“What! No he doesn’t!” He replied, flustered. “It just caught me off guard! That’s all.” Seeing both teams run off to their own sides, Fraser stood up. “Look at that! It’s halftime. Well, Im going to go use the little men’s room, maybe bring back a snack or something. You want something? I’ll bring you back something. Tell me what I miss!” He rambled before sneaking off to the men’s changeroom and sending Tim a text.

Hallway, 5 min?


“He’s a Goldfish. Not a wizard.” He grumbled, holding her tight. “I’m not letting you go anywhere with that backstabbing ex-bestfriend of mine. You’re mine. Not his.” He pouted. “You said you wouldn’t leave me.”


“I know you tried. But everything that went wrong was out of your control. That wasn’t your fault, okay? So please stop being so hard on yourself… I really enjoyed myself with you, Liv.” He smiled reassuringly. “I would never regret going out with you… I want to go out with you even more. Because you make me happy whenever we get to spend time together… no matter what we do.” Percy smiled, taking her fidgeting hands and holding them tight in his. “We will be okay. Even if it’s not perfect.” Percy looked around the park for a moment before his eyes lit up.
“Look! They have a farmer’s market going on. C’mon, we used to go to the one in town every week, remember? And come up with new recipes!” He tugged her along excited. “It’ll be fun!”


“Of course whales come from whales, silly. You’re lucky you’re cute, Miles Stella.” Gwen giggled, pecking his cheek. “Why don’t we go back to the circus? Maybe you could even teach me some tricks? You know, after I taught you how to dance again.” She teased.




She chuckled looking at Jonah, “Now now, don’t speak to your son that way.” She laughed as Scout licked her cheek, “Okay, okay, yes, you’re my favourite. I love you. You’re the only one for me. Yes. Yes.” She kissed Scouts snout, “The goods!?” She burst into laughter falling back onto the floor, “The jewels, my god Jonah!” She felt him hug her and she smiled, “Alright, you can keep them safe, I know you want kids one day…”


He laughed watching Eddie as he got his mother all wet, “What you don’t stay mad at him, but you can stay mad at me when I get you wet.” he pouted, “That is hardly fair you know that?” he smiled again and pulled Kathleen close, “Come on. Let’s play.”




Lily rolled her eyes playfully, “Sure~ it just ‘caught’ you off guard. I believe that.” She joked, “I’m kidding Fraser, I’m kidding.” She opened her mouth to say she wanted no snacks but he just ran off before she could say anything. Shaking her head she let him run off.

Tim opened up his phone and rose a brow, whipping off his sweaty hair before running into the halls.

Sure thing. Now where are you?


“But a very cute goldfish. Can you claim that you’re a cute goldfish?” She joked, letting him pull her in close, “And you’re mine. Now tell me, how do you feel hmm?” She asked, looking up at him as she was being held to him, “As you can see I’m still here. Nothing is taking me away.” She kissed his cheek and placed a hand on it, “So you had a crush on me huh? Did you know, you still did when we first met each other again?”


She looked at him and his smile, “You did? You do? You enjoyed yourself? Really?” She swallowed, smiling as he said he didn’t regret it, “You make me happy too Percy.” She held onto his hands even when he stopped looking at her, “H-hey, Percy! I’m a mess.” She laughed, “Percy! Come on, the suns going down, they probably aren’t even open anymore. It could be abandoned.” She said, knowing her luck would probably end things badly. “It’s getting dark Percy, I don’t know.” She bit her lip, letting him pull her down anyway. She wasn’t sure if Percy would be able to save this date or not. She wasn’t sure if he could get her in a better mood at all. But he always did.


“Hey! I thought I was adorable! Not just cute.” He pouted, smiling when she pecked his cheek, “I’d love too, but shouldn’t you get home? I mean, you’ve been spending the past two or so days with me, won’t someone worry? Like your twin?”