The selection - Sign ups


Whenever a prince(eldest prince) comes of age (around 18-19) all the eligible girls from each castes are signed up and given to the royals. The prince than picks out Thirty-Five girls to compete for the heart of the prince. If one of the girl’s win, their family is moved up three castes, and the girl herself is crowned queen.

The Castes

Illéa is divided up into Eight castes based on their importance. Everyone is born into a caste and destined to stay in that caste for the rest of their life. The only way to move from your caste is to either move down through marriage, or up through the Selection.

Ones: Royalty, clergy

Twos: All celebrities such as MTV-type musicians, professional athletes, actors, models; politicians as well as all officers in any policing, military, firefighting, or guarding position which are assigned by draft.

Threes: Educators of any kind, philosophers, inventors, writers, scientists of any kind, doctors, veterinarians, dentists, architects, librarians, all engineers, therapists or psychologist, film directors, music producers, lawyers.

Fours: Farm owners, jewelers, real estate agents, insurance brokers, head chefs, project managers for construction, property/business owners for things like restaurants, shops, and hotels.

Fives: Classically trained musicians and singers, all artists, live theatre actors, dancers, circus performers of any kind.

Sixes: Secretaries, wait staff, housekeepers, seamstresses, store clerks, cooks, drivers.

Sevens: Gardeners, construction workers, farm hands, gutter or pool cleaners, almost all outdoor workers.

Eights: Mentally or physically unwell (particularly if there is no one to care for them), addicts, runaways, homeless.

The Contestants

Caste 2: (2-3)
-_Alicyn Montgomery- @Madilnel _
-reserved - @Ella
Caste 3: (2-3)
-_Riley Rowen - @RyRydoezepisode _
-Alexandra Faye - @Kale
Caste 4: (0-4)
Caste 5: (2-3)
-Armani Rose - @wildstyle103 _
Caste 6: (1-4)
-reserved @fal.renet1398
Caste 7: (0-3)

The Castle Residents

Selection Maids:(0/20 one for each selection member)
Royal Maids:(0/10 two per family member)
-younger prince:
-eldest prince:
Head of Staff:

Selection Guards:(0/70 two per selection member)
Royal Guards:(0/10 two per family member)
youngest prince: reserved @fal.renet1398
eldest prince:

Royal Family:
King: open
Queen: open
youngest Prince: Damien beltway 17 (@Kale)
Princess: _name(age) - @Mimi0829 Lexi Belleway 18
eldest Prince: Alexander beltway 19
pricness cousin: Chloe belleway

:heart: A contestant can decide to leave the competition if she wishes, but the prince has to give his consent first.
:heart: A contestant has to do whatever the prince wants, no matter what it is.
:heart: The prince can cut anyone at anytime, but there is a time limit for him.
:heart: A contestant can pretty much dp whatever they want, but if they do not participate in activities, it will be recorded and given to the prince, which makes the constant in danger of being cut off.
:heart:Sex is allowed but don’t go in depth
:heart: Cheating on the prince is punishable by death a most. A harsh whipping at least. (Can be secretly broken)
:heart: Having sexual relations before marriage can be punishable (can be broken)

:heart: Please follow majority of those Ic rules. (except the two at the end to last can be broken!)
:heart: If you wish to Rp a male, he can be part of the guard, one of the staff or even the princes older brother or the king
:heart: Swearing is allowed, just blur or star out one letter.
:heart: you can play as many characters as you want!

The Characters
Sign ups
The Grand tour

all sign ups need to be done in 48 hours
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