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Hey @Briana_M I just saw your question! (The Darkness’s Touch)
My story is about two best friends having a night out until they ended up in “hell”… It has secrets, drama and a lot of adventure! Choices and dressing game.
Thank you for your interest! :heart:


Hey guys! I just published my new story, and I really hope you can give it a read! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Story title: Between Us Vampires
Author: Ana
Chapters: 4 (ongoing)
Genre: Drama
Style: Limelight
Short summary: Camila never expected to be a vampire, neither to fall in love with one. Will she be able to cope with her new life?

Instagram: @naepisode


Hi everyone! :blush:

Instagram: @snow_whiteb.episode
Episode profile: Snow_whiteb

Here’s my story:

Title: Reset: love code fail
Author: Snow_whiteb
Genre: Romance
Sub genre: Apart from horror, there is a bit of everything
Style: LimeLight
Episodes: 4 (almost 5 and ongoing)
Story description: You used to live a perfect life, but it was all a lie. Follow Rhea in her search for her real identity, true love and the evil person who’s trying to use her to change the world.


Notes: main character customization available; choices don’t affect the ending, but influence your story experience (sometimes totally different scenaries); the setting is various since you get to travel a lot; the story uses sound; it occasionally contains adult themes and strong language.

Read for Read: since I’m always searching for new stories to read, of course!

Info: If you want to keep updated, have questions or just want to tell me something, use the fanmail or DM me on Instagram. Feedback is really appreciated! Thank you!

Story cover:


Oh wow. Sounds interesting :slight_smile: Unfortunately, I don’t read stories like that, but I will definitely give your story a shoutout on my Instagram.


Its ok there were so many replies made I wasnt sure if you wer asking me about mine?


Hey I have posted like 3 or 4 different threads about promote your story. But still no reads. I am just trying to see if there is any place where I can actually get some people to read my first 3 and give some feedback


When a teenager is abused by her father, she is pregnant with an unusual offspring… #thriller #scifi #comedy #parenting #dark #humor #rape #incest #angels #devil #Porcelain #little #baby #doll #Hollywood, #swordplay, #Alien, #Aliens, #pregnancy, #babies, #kiss, #mermaids, #dogs #Treasure #TreasureTV #TV In this story, a young teenage girl named Linda has a talk with her mother and finds out that her father is living in the same home with them, when she finds this out she attacks her mother (she thought that her father was dead) and finds out for herself, she is wrong, that is her father. her father after talking with her rapes her and gets her pregnant, as the baby grows up she notices that the baby has special powers. You’ll need to download the episode interactive app on your phone or on a software called: “BlueStacks” (without the “” in the title) on your computer to read this story This is the story: 1 #mothers #living #episode #treasurers #dolls #computation #titlei #storis #software #artsandentertainment #scienceandenvironment


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Hey, I’m Alex and I published my new story few months ago. Would love to hear your thoughts. You can also dm me on instagram if you like it! @alex.woods27

Title: October’s Love
Author: Alex Woods
Genre: Adventure
Episodes: 5 (more episodes coming soon)
Reads: 550
Description: October is living a cozy-perfect life with her mother Allina. What happens when their life takes an unexpected turn?
Link: 1

Here’s the cover for my story:


Happy reading! :slight_smile:


Sounds interesting! :slight_smile: I may read your story and give you a shoutout. Actually, I think I follow you on Instagram :slight_smile:


Do you have an Instagram? And how many reads does your story have?


Oh wow I didn’t know that! I’m actually like really busy with school and my exam’s starting soon so. I came online today after days so i didn’t notice anything I’m sorry! :frowning:


You’re okay haha!


Hey guys! My name is Willow and I’m a new author. I’ve worked really hard on this story and I’m pretty proud of it. Please check it out!

Title: On West Avenue
Author: Captain Willow
Genre: Drama (but it definitely has Romance and Comedy mixed in)
Episodes: 4
Reads: 27
Description: Watch four people follow their dreams and listen to their heart as they navigate through happiness, pain, and most importantly, friendship.
Thank you so much for checking it out! :slight_smile:


This looks amazing! I’m gonna check it out:)


Sounds interesting :slight_smile: I might check it out sometime.


CHECK OUT THIS TRAILER :purple_heart::heart::blue_heart::green_heart:
The Darkness’s Touch by Julia


Hey there I’m sasha Danverse,
If you interested in Mystery or Horror stories, you must read my story “CHRISTMAS EVE”.

Title: Christmas Eve. (Episode 4 is out!)
Author: Sasha Danverse.
Genre: Mystery, Horror, Thriller.
Summrary: In your school scary Christmas play “CHRISTMAS EVE” you really want the lead role! But your annoying “friend” is getting in the way of that! Could you stop her from ruining your Life?
Even worse, you have to enter a whole new world! Because your drama teacher decided to take you to a HAUNTED HOUSE to rehearse! A house full of history. As much as possibe you’re trying to hide the big secret you have!

Could you resist? Could you handle the fear?


Aw thank you so much! I’ll make sure to check yours💓
Wait, aren’t you the one who wrote one FANTASTICAL story too??? I think i saw captain willow somewhere. :thinking:


yeah! i wrote Fantastical:The Mystery of Magic a little while ago :smile: