The server is down?

Today, I tried to open the Episode app and it says this:

There was a problem connecting to the server. Please retry to connect to the server.

Is that just me? l’ve tried to force quit and go back in multiple times, and it was working fine yesterday.


It probably means you have poor connection, either cellular or by wi-fi

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No I promise cami epy it isn’t WiFi anytime I opened the Episode app it says error I have enough data and wifi

That’s weird :thinking: mine doesn’t give me any error.
Try filling out a support ticket here:

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Ok thanks

Are you using iOS or Android? On iOS, it seems to work fine for me. I believe they have separate servers for each. But if you have iOS and it’s giving you the network error, maybe submit a ticket.

I’m on iOS

Does it work now? My app does!

same :frowning: apparently alot of people have this problem


I was finally able to fix it by restarting my phone :confounded: :frowning_face:

This happened to me last night on my android! I just closed the app and waited a few minutes and it started working just fine?

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Mine isn’t working for 5 days now

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Just a question, have you uninstalled and then redownloaded the app ? I’ve had to do that a few times before!


i did that about 5 times now:((

helpp me ya’ll, the search button is missing and the only options in my menu is “home” and “settings” and i cant find the other stories, only fan favorites shelf are there. im using an ios device

are you using a new account? or have you tried logging your account? if your using a new account you’ll have to read 10 chapters of featured stories before your able to read community stories:))

Open it using vpn, be careful tho they might get your personal information stored in your phone. I just turn the vpn on only when I’m using Episode.

Yeaaa I need help tooo I haven’t been on in a while and I finally want to come on and it’s not letting me open the app

does it still not work? I have the same problem