The Sims 4 FREE on Origin (7 days & legit!)

This is dangerous, I spent 6hours siming :scream:

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I already bought it…:joy:

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EA giving something for free? What is going on??? :joy: Downloading now though

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That is also worded a little weird in German, too, but I think that the free offer is 7 days only, but if you register your game within that time, the game is free to download and play on your account forever. It’s the plain basic version, so EA probably hopes that you will buy extras and expansions later, Sims 4 was not as successfull as the older ones, guess that is why they try to push it a bit. But maybe @Jeremy knows more. :sunglasses:


You can get The Sims Mobile for free on the app store not you cannot get the Sims 4 on mobile.

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This is sketchy…

Let’s do it! :joy:

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EA actually had a On the House program that was giving away games for free for a while now (that’s how I got The Sims 2 for free a few years ago) but ended it (i think last year) recently. Once you add it to your library after clicking on buying it in the link above it will perm stay in your library. But the offer of being able to redeem the game for free only lasts for the 7 days from the date the promotion started. This is not a rental game. Happy to see everyone is enjoying it! :smiley:


Yeah buddy! Their strategy is definitely working because I suddenly feel compelled to literally spend all my money on sims 4 expansion packs.


I never played sims what is it exactly?

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Update almost there

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google it. Its kinda hard to explain for me. lol

Are u using PC or mobile?

I didn’t see any offers for us who already have the game. They could have offered a free stuff pack or something.

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It was in the German news feed, too. I added it to my library and can wait for better internet and my PC now as my laptop has no graphic card. Thx for the info. :sunglasses::+1:

is anyone playing it right now?


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But it’s difficult :sweat:

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r u playing it now?

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