The sound doesn't play

the sound I choose doesn’t play on the portal, when I pay the preview it doesn’t play the sound, I can hear it in the sound menu but not while the episode is previewing, episode fixxx this pleaseee!

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What sound is it? And you sure you don’t have there story on mute?

it doesn’t play while I’m previewing the episode

But what sound is it?

Yeah, the same is happening to mine too. I don’t think it depends on the sound that you wrote into your script.

My theory is that the portal isn’t strong enough to ‘handle’ all the sounds to play it on the phone, when you preview the story on the actual app. It’s just a theory though. I had a thought about that because I wrote in HEAPS of sounds into the portal, most of they play. Just not all of them.

So I get what you’re going through! I’m sorry I can’t help, but just though I’d comment and let you know it’s just a normal thing. Solution? Minimise the amount of sounds you add in.

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There’s several things you could try.

  • Refreshing episode interactive: Try refreshing your whole page.

  • Make sure to reset the volume: I’d experience this problem once in a while until I realized that I had forgotten to reset the volume when I would change it to make the music fade. Is the music volume on fully for your sound?

If you’re experiencing any problem still, it might be a glitch and you’ll have to sign a ticket so that they can have your problem checked. Hope this may have helped! Good luck.

If you’re using Safari, the sound doesnt play - when I want to test my sounds I have to use Chrome.

Try to use a different browser, I switched to chromium and it fixed my problem

omg thank you so muchhh!

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