The Spring Story Contest is due this month!

#1 <-- Watch this video for the announcement.

The Spring Story Contest is due this month!

Link the to thread of the contest: Spring Contest Entries:
@Stargazer54 entered.
@Alihasstorys entered.
@Amorice entered.
@WinterMoon05 enters with her group.1532/20


Do we have to repost here if we’ve already entered?


Oh, sorry, I never really worked on that…, it’s also not spring for me so…


I liked your video! I’ll try to come up with something… if I can


I think I have something to work with, I’ll try to get it done!!! :heart::heart::heart:


Again, really good video!!! :heart::heart::heart: It was well timed and very easy to understand, you have a great voice too! :heart:


Not really, if you finished your story, or have published it, you post it here.


My story is currently published.

Spring Fever: Mind Body Panic.

#9 an update

To the contest


I’ll try to make it in time for December! Thanks for postponing!


I’ll be working on it all day today! Hoping to get episode 1 and 2 done! Sorry to keep you waiting!


Thank you!


Thank God for it really, i was going to announce the winners later on but i asked him to make me do what he wanted to with the video so i ended up like that, so Thank you, God! You are really helpful!