The story Begins!


As each of you all enter the building, you are all greeted by the Director Ken

Director Ken
throws his arms open, “Welcome to the manison that you’ll be staying at, rooms are up the stairs to the right for women and the left side is for the men. please go to your rooms and settle yourselves in. Make yourselves at home.” he puts his arms back to his sides.

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The A Game Talk show

“Thanks.” I walked up the stairs to my right and went to my room.

Orp: approachable


Orp: to late for signups :sob:


It’s never to late just go over to and just fill in the information. This will also be put in as an episode (INK) so please leave a picture of what your character looks like and what they would wear on the beginning day.


I went to my room wow this place is amazing I thought. It look like a 5 star hotel room. I drop my luggage. i unpacked later let’s go meet some people I knocked on the door of the room next to mind.
Orp:open the door


I went in my room and heard a knock after a while. I opened the door and looked at the person in front of me. “Hey.”


I look her up and down.ha not what I was expecting bitting my lip I said “Hey I’m Sam. You are?”


“Roxanne.” I replied. “Do u have anything you need?”


Just a reminder the time for all of the characters in this rp is 6 in the morning

gonna be a long day for the characters


I smirked “Nothing much just looking at my competition… or my allies. But you look like both”. I said laughing as I walk away.


Orc: 12:00 am for me CT


I rolled my eyes and closed the door. I walked into my bedroom where my luggage is and started to unpack.


I went into my room still laughing This is going to be fun I started to unpacked.


Orc: how are we going to get more people


Walks into the manison and just looks around the entry in amazment. After a few min. he walked up the stairs and goes left. Walk up to the door that had his name writen up, and walks in, closing the door behind himself. sigh He was bummed that he had to waste his summer at some game show. He set his bag and guitar on the bed. unloaded his beloging ontop of the bed making it look like a mess.

With a smile she walks to her room on the top floor on the right. The first door was open and she saw two women talking. Ignoring them she headed to her room to unpack.

Glaring at the entrance she walks in, taking in the detail of the room while glaring. This shall be fun. I wonder how many i’ll scare away she laughs to herself and heads to her room on the top floor on the right.


I look at my room again, check the whole room and I saw some stuff that might be worth a penny. So if I don’t win I can always take some of this stuff home with me. I let out a giggles sound like more people. I got up and walk out my room closing the door I walk to The door with Beth name on it. Knock knock.


Hears someone knocking on the door. “Come in” She shouts as she unloaded her belongings onto the bed. Clothes neatly folded on one side, and personal items like a picture, a journal, a few wrapped up pieces of chocolate, and a small pocket knife.


I open the door barely, making sure it wasn’t a trap. I peek my head inside in show a girl items neatly stocked on the floor. Holding myself back from thinking of stealing i open the door all the way.
“Nice to meet you, I’m Sam. You are?”


Looks up to see her, “hi Sam, I’m Beth.” She smiles. “Just looking around?” She asked as she pulled out some jewelry.


I watch as I saw this girl pulled out easily a million dollars, than I knew she had to be on my team. “So…I was thinking about making a team, you know people that help each other. Of corse we keep it secret…until we know we can trust everybody.” I said thinking about that girl Rox I think her name was.”Mind if I ask you some questions while you unpacked?”
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