The Story Creation Game

Hey, so this is a game I love playing with my friends and family. It’s where someone starts off with a word/phrase and people reply to that with another word/phrase (which links up with the story in terms of grammar). So, for example:

_haruka: Once upon a time;
someone: there lived a
somebody: crab
nobody: the crab liked
human: to roll around

Keep it clean!
Have fun!

I’ll start:

Once upon a time…

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There was a kingdom…

Far, far away

There was another kingdom

that was

Very famous because

the queen liked to

There was a magic…

In the heart of a little girl…

that was destructive

It started to kill her…

from the inside, out

But the queen didn’t care

because she was

A fan of unicorns

But one day

The queen thought that…

Sorry, but this f-l-o-p-p-e-d. @Jeremy please close this :joy:

Awwwwww, but this was just getting interesting! :joy:

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