The story I’m making


I am making a story on my iPad but when I’m trying to preview on a laptop on the same account my story doesn’t load at all can anyone explain this because I don’t know what to do?


Did you start it on the Mobile creation or start it on the laptop?


I started it on my iPad


So mobile creation?


Do you know what’s going on with it or not @southampton23?


Can you try saving it again using your laptop then preview it


I don’t think you understand it correctly so I’ll explain again so basically my story isn’t loading and is making me press new story on the laptop


Even the name of the story isn’t loading


Can you send a screenshot of the peoblem?



You click on manage stories


That shows me to the example basic directing lol


scroll down, your story is somewhere there




Thank you so much apes


@Jeremy and @Ryan can you close this?