The story I was reading just vanished


Hello peeps, I was reading a story called The Baby Project by Bree Stonefield in Limelight and it just vanished :frowning: I don’t know how to find it and i’m hoping some of you guys have a link or something for me to have it on my profile. This story has a good plot and I made it LGBT so it would be annoying if I don’t manage to find the link :confused: Thanks!!!


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Hello, here’s the link.
The Baby project


thanks but unfortunately when I click on it won’t shows up and I’m redirected to « App store » do you have the link in the format « » please ?


Unfortunately, when I try to send the link it just directs you to the appstore. If you click off of episode and then go back into it it should be on the “What’s hot” shelf. here’s a screenshot


it still won’t shows up i’m so annoyed but I contacted Support ! thank you so much for your help tho !


Closing as the OP contacted support :v:t2: