The story I was writing isn't showing up when I click "My Stories"



Hi, I am the author of Kidnapping Hero, and I REALLY need help to find it! It disappeared on my writer’s portal and I am confused!

I started a new story, because I have been having some writer’s block. I need help to find my old story, Kidnapping Hero. I want to continue it but it isn’t showing up on my stories. I don’t understand where it went and I can’t find anything online about it. I didn’t delete it, and I am very frustrated.

I need some help as soon as possible please! Thank you!



To the left there is a scroll screen and all your stories should be there with the examples… hope this helps!!!


Did u find it?? I had that problem at first than I figured it out… lol nobody knew what I meant…


Yes!! Thank you so much!!


I’m glad this was cleared up for you! It can be awfully confusing. I hope that they update the Writer’s Portal so that the ‘My Stories’ section is less cluttered.


No problem