The story Positively Princess is so Goddamn stupid


I just read the latest episode and the MC is already feeling pregnancy symptoms one night after having sex. That’s not how it fucking works. You don’t feel anything for the first few weeks! I can’t believe episode is promoting this!


Every story is different


I expect stories to not be misleading and inaccurate about pregnancies.


Bahahaha :joy: I hate when episode stories do that!

Also if you want to discuss this story, there’s a thread for it here


hahahah you made a point. :joy::joy:


Just give the author some feedback


I screamed when that happened. I’ve been reading it for laughs, and that pregnancy thing just reminded me of @J.Miley’s parody story (go read it now if you haven’t already) where the MC also feels symptoms after one night of sex :joy::joy::joy::joy:


also im really confused how the mc could be pregnant if she got together with Jada (the female love interest) LOL


Yeah Idk how all that works, maybe the MC still has sex with one of the male characters before officially choosing Jada?


Agreed LOL. Featured stories are rarely good.


I mean, some women DO know they are pregnant long before they have a positive pregnancy test (I was one of them) but not the DAY AFTER. And definitely don’t start feeling nausea and vomiting the day after.


I gave up reading this story a long time ago but that’s… definitely not something I’d expect from a featured story written by the official Episode team (I don’t believe this story is written by a user-author-turned-featured?).

I understand it happening in user stories authored by 13-year-olds but a featured story has no excuse lol.


Oh in this story that’s pretty much exactly what happened. Literally the day after :skull:


not even a day, hours after she was throwing up :joy::joy::joy: