The storytelling thread

yo! this is a place to share stories that aren’t your episode stories

get a cup of tea (or coffee, if tea isn’t your…cup of tea?), sit back, and read or tell some stories!

in this thread, you can tell…

✧ funny moments in your life
✧ paranormal experiences/spooky stories
✧inspirational and motivational stories, such as things you have overcame in the past or things you have came to realize
✧ serious stuff! (make sure to add triggers if your content is sensitive though)
✧ your original stuff! this includes your own poetry, song lyrics, or excerpts from a book you are writing! (if you want to share an entire book, add a link to it instead)
✧that one time you dropped noodles on the floor and cried
✧just any story, experience, and/or moment you feel like sharing!!

but, you can’t share…
links to your episode stories.
current updates/events in your life, or things that will happen in the future (you can come back to give updates on stories you tell, but if you want to post about all the current things that are happening to you, post on the life thread)
rants/general emotions & feelings (if you wanna rant, check out the ranting thread—not linking it yet because it’s currently closed)
anything in favour of racism, sexism, or any kind of discrimination (really? just don’t do it. that’s not cool.)

i do actually have a story i wanna share about a cool cat i met last year


his name is taquito, and he’s the neighbor’s cat
he’s pretty chubby, so whenever he wants to get up or down the stairs, he gallops (and he’s slow at it too)

he only comes out and explores the town in the springtime and summertime (he’s the reason i love spring and summer)

last august, i actually was able to come super close to him and actually bond with him when i was out checking the mail! he wouldn’t stop purring and circling me and i kinda had no choice but to spend ten minutes with him and cooing at him instead of actually doing what i was supposed to.
i did get yelled at my mom when i came back but meeting a new friend was worth it

he came back again a week ago, and i now look forward to checking the mail!

he got a bit skinnier which makes me kinda sad because i miss his floof but all cats are good cats, and at least he’s faster at walking (jumping?) up the stairs now

anyways yeah share away!


I had a lava lamp, and some paper. I probs thought to myself “I wonder what’s gonna happen?”
*puts piece of paper on lava lamp
*paper burns
“Whoops, better get that… Eh, it’s kinda deep down now, and I for whatever reason do not remember turning the lamp off when attempting to get it.” So yeah.


So when I was 5 years old, a man with my dad’s voice said “Well well well lookee here.” which my dad said a lot. I was in the park and my Dad was supposed to meet me I was 5 years old so don’t judge.
I ran to him and gave him a hug. When I realized it wasn’t my dad, I yelled “ew!! who are you?!


I write sooooooooo much poetry so this will be a great thread for moi

here’s a poem from my book! link:

i held your weight

but i couldn’t carry you anymore

so i let you fall down,

maybe one day i’ll gain the strength to carry the weight

of another person like you,

who’s struggling too.

My cat has an ego problem

She is this tiny little thing (kinda reminds me of Napoleon from the French Revolution, yes I am well aware he wasn’t short, don’t judge.) But when she scared away the dog, or another cat her ego is so boosted, she thinks she can take on the world. So she walks around all buff and fluffed, like ‘Come at me Brah’ Occasional she thinks she can take me on.

I’ve been writing poems lately…
So I thought I’d share one.
“Love me for me”

Hiding behind these broken wings
Hiding all these beautiful things
Always alone in this mind
People can really be blind
Look into these dull eyes
And listen to my dumb lies
I’m fine is what I say
And you always let me get away
I wish you could just see
This person isn’t really me
I was happy once, before
And I did care about what I wore
But now I don’t care
Now I don’t care
Life isn’t fair
I’m supposed to care
Nothing is really fun anymore
But I stay
Knowing at least one person loves me
Is enough love for me
Since I can’t love myself
I want someone to love me for me
So for now I’m just gonna
fight it out.

My cat once ate my spegettoes, and the bowl fell on her. She was a white cat.


she was red / pink for like two days.


Hey so I just wrote a non-episode short comedy story.If anybody is having a boring time and wants to read something that will make you laugh or just smile.Click on the link to read it.Hope everybody enjoys.

Story description:There are two sisters.It’s their vacation and they wanted to do something cool but does that what their mother wants?They are forced to go visit their grandfather that they last met when they were six.See what happens there.

Who is ready to hear a super CUTE AF story.


So, my family is in town and we went out to eat. Well, bc my Step - Mom and I didn’t want to return home, we stayed for a bit. Well I got a phone call from my Step - Dad, and when I answered it it was a little girl crying. Her name is Slater, and she is like a little sister to me, and she was crying because I was moving away. (she calls me ‘merica) "Merica I just entered your room, and -and everything was gone. Where are you going?’ it was so cute, because during this time I am in a fancy restaurant laughing, bc this was just so cute.

Long story short, I now have a play date this week.

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This made me smile. XD

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