The Super-Ridiculous-Extremely-Hard Race SG Sign-Ups


The Super-Ridiculous-Extremely-Hard Race! 24 contestants and 12 teams. You will be paired with someone random, boy or girl. You could possibly make a love relationship, friend relationship or enemy relationship. It doesn’t matter. All you know is that you will face many difficult challenges and each round, 1 team will get eliminated. If you are the winning team, than you have 2 choices, either too split the winning 1 billion dollars between the 2 of you, or fight of with another race so whoever wins, gets to take all the money. You MUST be active at least 3 days a week and you MUST not leave unless it is very important.


You will meet:
-Deadly Animals
-Dangerous Tasks
-And possibly dangerous and scary arenas!

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Please help!

Please spread this SG around!

-No Swearing
-Be Polite if you get eliminated.
-Make it interesting!

Sign Ups-


0/24 spaces filled.

@Littlefeets @XMysteryX @epi.alyssaa @ShortSpaces @ReeseTheReallyGrumpy


Could you make more than one character, @MysteriousAcro?


Yes of course!




reserve for 2


I signed up!


Actually this is unpopluar, @Jeremy or @Ryan, can you close this thread?