The Support Thread for Continuing to Write

Hey, so during my time on Episode, I’ve seen a few people leave this community because they didn’t get a lot of reads (which is a silly reason to pack your bags and go) or felt like they had no support or more recently I’ve seen someone comment about how they’re upset with authors not recommending their story. Also, there are other factors but I’ll leave it here.

SO I made this as a support thread where if you’re feeling down and not encouraged, you can talk about your feelings here, and other authors will try to comfort/inspire you. Maybe you will end up PMing each other and gain new supporters from this.

Go ahead, share how you feel, and please note that you are never alone :blue_heart:


…and more awesome quotes to come!!!

Just to re-iterate, if it wasn’t clear, this is a thread to talk about your writing woes and get advice/tips from people. I’m not sure if we have a thread like this but I hope it helps ^^

DON’T GIVE UP! :wilted_flower:

P.S Here’s a thread that contains so many helpful resources: Helpful Links From My (Episode-Related) Website (thank you to the wonderful @ShanniiWrites ) And check out her other thread: Shannii's Fantasy Writing Prompts - Come here for inspiration!

More advice on how to write amazing stories: Tips, tricks & discussions: How to make your story better (thanks to @fcukforcookies )

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Helpful threads to get you started: "List" of Helpful Threads as well as "List" of Script Templates (From other threads) (thanks to @MystikLunaa for gathering cool threads together)

STAY STRONG :butterfly:


Totally bookmarking this thread for when I know I need it.:sob:


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I stopped working on my story because I was busy with studying. I wanted to continue in December, but I didn’t do anything until now. I got some bad reviews lately and although I know this shouldn’t stop me from writing, I can’t find the motivation to keep going. I sometimes feel like nobody appreciates my work or that my story is really bad because nobody likes it. I’ve put so much work and thoughts in it which makes it even worse if people say it’s bad even if they only read one chapter.
Does anyone have an idea how to solve this problem? Any tips? :sweat_smile:


Hey, don’t let bad reviews get to you. Maybe some of them decided to give you tips on how to improve although I don’t know for sure…if they were just plain out rude, then that’s just awful.
So, tell remind yourself why you began writing in the first place. I know this is very selfish of me to say but we write stories for ourselves. We don’t write it for others because then we end up trying to live up to other’s expectations and that’s not what we want.
I’m sure there are ppl who do appreciate your work (perhaps you have loyal readers who read your story to the end and have been following it even though they don’t comment.) I love some really awesome stories but haven’t commented on them or reached out to the author.
And everyone has their own opinions, maybe it wasn’t their cup of tea but there will be others who enjoy it. If you love your story, that’s what the matters the most. Be confident in your work and enjoy writing. You don’t need approval from everyone. You can’t please people, the only one you can please is yourself when it comes to writing because if you have fun writing, you’ll get some amazing results, I can guarantee.

Hope this helps and maybe someone can come by this thread and provide much more helpful advice :sweat_smile:

But yeah, take what I say into consideration.

You wrote your story for yourself, the way you want it, and if people don’t like it, well, who cares? There’s always gonna be haters, but you just need to remind yourself this is your passion, and you gotta keep at it, just don’t lose that charming writer spark.


Thanks! You’re right. I think my main problem is that I always try to live up to other’s expectations, not only as an author but also in day-to-day life.
I’ll try to keep in my mind that it’s my story, thank you for this advice!

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I’m not struggling with anything aside from general motivation (for everything, so it’s not a writing-specific struggle), but here’s some general encouragement/thoughts on writing for people who show up here:

Not getting reads doesn’t mean your story is bad. It’s often a matter of promotion. You can either go out there and promote your story or accept that you don’t have to write for reads and keep doing it because you enjoy it or have a story to tell. It’s alright not to have a lot of reads. If you want them anyway and you’re promoting, keep writing and be patient. Your time will come.

Maybe your writing isn’t that great and you know it. So what? Everyone’s mediocre at everything until they aren’t. Talent is learned, not inherent, and there’s no reason you can never reach the same level as your favorite author. It might just take you more effort. So keep writing even if you’re not good at it yet. Listen to constructive criticism, but don’t miss out on the positive feedback you’ll get. Reread your old work and cringe, but also see how you’ve improved and where you can still improve.

And if people troll you, if people tell you your story is bad for not having enough choices, love interests, or customization, if people send you hate solely because of the art style you chose to write in…
E a t T h e m


One of my favorite tumblrs ever is Wrex Writes, because they’re the first writing blog that ever really made my struggles and needs in writing feel valid. They very much subscribe to the philosophy of being kind to yourself and I’ve treasured their advice for perfectionism + helping yourself heal.

Here are some that personally helped me a lot:


Alright, Jem, I need some help…
I feel like I’m gonna write a new story, with advanced directing, choices matter, etc.
I really want it to get popular because I know I’m gonna put so much effort into writing it.
I’m just afraid it won’t be because of my old trash stories that everyone hated.
What if all of that effort will be for no reason?

Aw, it’s sad to hear you feel that way :cry: My advice: It doesn’t matter if everything you write goes to “waste” (not many people read it). At the end of they day you write for yourself and you do it because you love it. Even if a lot of people don’t read it, you’ll feel proud of yourself for working hard and you keep at it. Also, be more positive about your work. Don’t give up, great things take time to come. Maybe your effort will pay off but even if it doesn’t pay off right away, you need to tell yourself that you have to keep writing anyway because you love it, you breathe it, and you need to do it. You need to enjoy your stories, they’re your creations from your wicked awesome mind. Remember, no matter what happens, work hard but have fun with your stories. Your fanbase-even if it’s small-will appreciate it, heck I appreciate and admire authors who have little reads, aren’t popular but work really hard on their stories because writing is their passion and they get to make their creations come alive. Be more positive. Also I discourage people from checking their reads every minute, this will lead to constant frustration and feelings that you’re a shitty writer even though you’re not. You’re just undiscovered. And soon your time to shine will come. When it does, I’ll be clapping for you, mon amie :sunglasses:

P.S Every one starts at the bottom and there’s only one way to go: up :sunflower:

No for real, you can’t get a minus number of reads, it’s not possible XD


Eat them? Love it, but I prefer to FEED them savage words through fanmail :sunglasses:
Kidding around :rofl:

Thank you so much @writingspirit , this will help others out, it’s very much appreciated! :heart:


Thank you soooo muuuuuuuuch.:sob::sob:
You just made me feel so inspired. Thank you so much Jem!!!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sob::sob::sob:

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Thank you for the kind words! :revolving_hearts: Hope others can find this resource as helpful as I have.

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I knew there was a thread somewhere that discussed this, just took me a little to find it.

Deepbreath I have a lot of feelings here I’ve had pent up so I’m putting it all under a read more arrow because I’m still shy about talking. lol


So for the past… well since the Heroes & Villain’s contest, I have yet to write anything. I haven’t even finished my H&V entry. So I told a couple of people in the community, but I moved away from my natal home (again) back in October and into a new place. The reason for this move is mostly very personal things I can’t possibly share, but to sum it as frankly as I can, I was escaping a toxic household where I was being mentally and emotionally abused among other things. And one of the things that had been taken away from me was being able to write. As in, any time I was caught writing, I was ridiculed, laughed at, told that since I didn’t make any money from it, what was the point? It was just wasting my time and I was never going to amount to anything if I kept at it. And for about 3 years, I was constantly told this to the point that I finally just stopped writing. I just didn’t have the energy to fight back or care. And now, since moving into a much healthier, safer environment, I still struggle to find myself writing.

Every time I’ve opened up the portal in the past three months or so, I’d just stare at the screen then just wait with tense, bated breath (even though nobody else is home when I do) for somebody to come home or come in and see what I’m doing and tell me not to. Needless to say, I have these sort of mental blocks that keep me from writing which frustrates me. I’ve been writing and creating worlds, characters, and stories as my creative outlet for as long as I can remember. To be SCARED to actually write, is honestly, really upsetting to me. While I’ve gotten better, I’m still struggling with this.

Which, I guess, in a way, leads me to my next part. So, instead of going back to my H&V (which I will once I no longer associate it with bad memories), I actually came up with a new story idea. I got pretty far in creating this new world and I feel good about it, even a little excited because it’s the most creative I’ve been in months and feels GOOD and freeing to be able to do so. But I still struggle. I created the characters and opened up the first episode to start writing, and I got a LITTLE ways in, but it’s still not far. I’m still… stuck. I’m still waiting for somebody to tell me I can’t or that I’m just wasting my time. Or that I suck at it anyways. And I just want to be happy again while writing. I want to write again. And I feel like, with this story, I can get over these blocks and it will help me to write again, I just don’t know how or what to do.

Lord that sounds like a ridiculous mess. I legitimately apologize to anybody who reads that.


love this! thank you so much! <3