The Support Thread



The Support Thread!
Okay. So how this works if you click on this thread. Tag some people you know. We need to spread the word! So. You can comment what you want episode to change. If you want new hairstyles new actions whatever. Just comment what you want and some examples. Don’t forget to like this thread that is how we get noticed. Also the other community members will like your posts of they support. So with that said. We thank you in advance for for helping improve our community! :heart: :smile:

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Awesome idea!


I would like more tattoos. For both ink and limelight for limelight there Is a bit more selection. But for ink there is just the rose sleeve for men. I would also like other piercings.

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i got tagged
hello im here


I got tagged twice I’m here what’s up



I honestly think Episode should step up their game on Featured Stories.
Like half of the stories aren’t even appropriate for kids.
uhm In My Bed.


Uh… sorry @Daisy_Flower1 and @Raybadem but your thread will probably get closed (and they’ll tell you to check out the Feature Request guidelines here because you’re only supposed to have one feature request per thread, not multiple requests on the one thread). The way to get episode to make the changes we want is to get as many people as possible to support the OP, which wouldn’t work if everyone is commenting/replying their requests here instead. Sorry!



It’ll probably get closed, but we gotta do whats for the best.


I’m here what’s up


wassup just got tagged on here as well


Lmao. I just tagged as many people as possible.


god damnit i could ask for Adidas inspired clothing but I feel like I’m asking for too much


Omg. You should that sounds amazing! I so support!


I’mma go for it.


We need:

  • Tattoos (males, LL)
  • Piercing (males/females)


  • sit_play_guitar
  • sit_cry
  • sit_drink
  • sit_kiss
  • eat_prop
  • drink_prop

And maybe more underwear :smile: