The Survivor of Sin City (THRILLER)

Hi all!

My new story The Survivor of Sin City is currently trending at no.7 in the Thriller shelf!

I would LOVE to get it seen by more people!

There are currently 6 live episodes and so far I have had such fantastic and supportive messages from readers who can’t wait for more!

If you love apocalyptic thrillers with lots of choices that matter, CC, LGBTQ+ inclusive or a non romantic option, mini-games etc, then you will LOVE this story! :heart_eyes:

Details below!

Story Name: The Survivor of Sin City
Released: 1st January 2021
Author: calico.episode
Episodes: 6 (currently)
Details: CC, option of ‘straight’, lgbtq+ or a non romantic play through, mini-games, choices matter, points system.

Story description: Bonnie goes undercover to investigate a research facility in Sin City, as the city quickly descends into chaos, will Bonnie & her team safely make it out?


Artwork: @MysteryMaker @mystery.artistz (on IG)
Author Instagram account: @calico.episode

You can find information on updates etc through my instagram! Please drop me a message, I always reply! :heart:


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