The Swiftie Cult!

:butterfly::snake: THE SWIFTIE CULT :snake: :butterfly:

Hey kids! Welcome to The Swiftie Cult ! The official place for Swifties (a.k.a Taylor Swift fans) that are also in the Forums.

What are Swifties, who is Taylor Swift?
Swifties, as mentioned before, are the fans of Taylor Swift. Don’t know who that is? Well, you are probably living under a rock (no offense) but you can find out here.

If I join, what can I do in The Swiftie Cult?
Swifties who join the cult will communicate with each other through PMs. You can share edits, artworks, share your fan accounts, or just talk about non Taylor-realated stuff.

How can I join?
You can join by PMing me the awnsers to these questions (you should awnser with Taylor’s song/s, quote/s, album/s):
1. Favourite Song:
2. Favourite Quote:
3. Favourite Album:
4. Member Since:
5. Expiration:
6. Birthdate (Year is optional)

However, there are some rules.

:butterfly::snake: RULES :snake: :butterfly:

1. You need to be a Taylor Swift fan to join. Please don’t use this cult to send hate or make drama.
2. I don’t mean to sound rude or send hate to other artists, all this is just for fun. Feel free to create a cult for other artists, you don’t need to credit me.
3. This topic/thread/cult was previously created, if you joined then, and you still support Tay, feel free to join again.
4. You must PM ME to join, if you comment on this topic you WON’T be accepted.

Well, I’m done “ranting”, I hope this made sence and I hope there are some Swifties here!

"May your heart remain breakable but never by the same hand twice." -T.S

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