The tea thread! 🍵


Hey guys! Welcome to the tea thread, a thread where you talk about all the drama that is going on in your life.


  1. unless you have permission, please change names of the people you talk about. (ex. changing the name Julia to Jo Ann.
  2. no flamewars!
  3. help each other out. this thread is not just for spilling tea, it’s also for helping clean it up.

have fun and sip tea :tea:


Can you share you covers here


No. It is a tea thread, for drama! Did you even read the first post?


I did




One thing that happend to me this morning was that my whole family pranked me


So I want to get them back any one have any good Idea


How I should get them back


Hmm, maybe watch some cool pranking videos on YouTube???


I watch Amanda and jimmy world


There are so good at making pranks




I have you ever watch there vidio


Here a vidio of what they just did


I’m sorry but that’s the soup emoji…


Hi! Closing this thread as its topic is already covered in a chat thread here, please feel free to spill tea (or soup) in that thread :slight_smile: If you have any questions you can reach out to either myself or @Jeremy via PM. Thanks for your understanding!