The text effects in SE has changed?


Is it just me, or have they changed the text effects in the SE?
Italic’s gotten like really small all of a sudden, and elevated… Doesn’t get the same effect that way.
If so, that sucks, because now I need to go back and check all my stories and change them. :weary:



I haven’t noticed this, but it depends how recent you’ve noticed the changes, have a look through the updates and see if it’s on there, so sorry to hear it’s really made things complicated for you!


Maybe it’s just a glitch? :thinking: My friend notice in one of my sentences this but my other readers said everything was fine and on my phone, everything looks alright.


Thank you.
Going back to check my other stories I think I’ve figured out what it’s due to. I believe it might just feel that way because I’m using another speechbubble type/color to work with. The purple. Haven’t worked with that one since before text effects. The original blue one seems to be as it was before. Guess I have to find another way to express things in this one, that’s all. Annoying, but not that big a deal.



What bubble type are you using?
I’m curently working with the purple, and it’s acting really different from the original blue one. But it is another font type so I suppose it’s to be expected when you think about it.
Guess I might have ‘jumped the gun’… :flushed:



Yes, I’m working with purple as well. Although I’m not using a lot of text effects (mostly bold and italic for thought bubbles) I didn’t notice anything wrong with them, are you checking your script on the portal or phone?


Both. I work towards the web previewer nowdays, but I always check the story on the phone app.
Yeah, I use those two as well. Just got taken aback by the sudden elevation.
I guess I’ll see if it works itself out the next couple of days, else I’ll post a ticket.
Thank you.