The text won't show up in my preview

hey i’m new here,
I started writing day’s ago but yesterday i went on the website and press preview and they were showing me the characters, the behaviors and the empty box but not the texts . why is that ?
can someone help me ASAP

yes i did all that , i just don’t understand the day before yesterday it was fine and perfect until i left my baby cousin on the bed where my laptop was, i think she probably press up the keyboard and did some thing she should have not do , i was just wondering if there anyway to fix it

sadly i already tried that, I even made a new episode account but the text are still not showing

give me a minute it’s taking a long time to load

it’s didn’t made a difference :disappointed:
i’m using it on the website

thanks for your time anyways

idk i’ll check

what’s vola

Sent a pic so we can see pls

i’m using my laptop is there a app you can install to screenshot or something?

that’s how it look , no texts

it was not a big deal it seems like it was just the internet moving slow