The "Theme" Thread: Animals

Ok, so every week/ day/ month/ whatever, this thread will have a certain theme that will be stuck by until the next theme comes out.
Title of Thread: The “Theme” Thread: TV shows!

Koolcupkake: I love drama shows!
Ksdhfgskkdjg: I love comedies!

Title of Thread: The “Theme” Thread: Baking!

drjhdfihdi: I sure love baking cookies!
dgosdhg: I love baking pies!

And so on.

  1. No disrespect of God
  2. No being mean
  3. No fights (unless the theme is fights)
  4. No self-promo (Guys, check out my story names: in love with a super hawt crush!!111!!!)
  5. Must stay on topic of the theme.

Remember, based on the title, that is what the theme will be. K?

First theme is…

(Look in the title)

ahhh summer- so far it’s been super busy for me and super hot (temps in the 90s where my fellow Cali sufferers at) but I’m so glad I’ve got a break from school at least :v:

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It’s been rainy nearly all week for me! I’m on Summer vacation, but Summer doesn’t actually start until the 21st.

Summer holidays/vacation is soooo long in America! (i’m assuming that’s where you’re from? sorry if not :sweat_smile: )
It’s only 8 weeks in England and most school’s only get 6 weeks off!!
So lucky…:persevere:

For me, it’s from May 20-25, through a few days after the beginning of August. Around 65 days?

I’m not even out yet…

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i’ve still got about a month left…

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Cali sufferer checking in. I can’t go outside unless I want to start to melting.

I was dumb enough to sign up for summer classes. I knew dang well temps hit over 105 degrees during the summer here in Cali, yet I did it anyway. I regret.

ahaha we’ve all made that mistake (last summer, I worked a job where I had to wear a feather boa while standing outside from time to time), sending cold vibes and popsicles your way :snowflake: :cloud: :icecream:

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Next year, I’m going to try for a Summer job. Yes, I’m young but I want to seem all profo professional and stuff…
(Next theme is tomorrow, there isn’t too much to talk about with this one. :laughing:)

Bump! New theme!

My favorite birb is a kiwi. Also, there was a racehorse back in the 80s names Kiwi. So yeah. :joy: I love dogs (and not cats), especially yorkies, schnauzers, and huskies.