The Thic Sister hood Offical request thread

Background? (for the large cover)

@Natalie_c will be doing it

SoI would like this to be the background

There Are Two people one boy one girl

Boy I would like to look like this

Just Cuter hair

I want the girl to look like

I would like there pose to be

(The boy is on the right side looking down on her with his hand warped around her waist
While Shes looking up at hem with her hand touching his chest.)


I would like them to be done in this stile

I know it’s a lot so sorry…be hopefully you guys can do it (She HAS to have GREEN eyes and Hem Brown)

Yes we are what are the characters details

I need hem to look as close to the pictures, The girls has to have full round lips, Upturned feline and Upturned nose . Boy: Classic round eyes,button nose and Defined Triangle and Uneven blush

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were hosting a outline contetst

@Cassandra_Dean heres a sneek peek

So just wondering it’s going on to two weeks now, you changed names from Episode Diamonds/Amigos to Epy Ravens now this one and I am still waiting to know how long this will take, as “soon” in my books it’s a day or two (according to you what I was after would have been done within 1-26hours) I feel like you were just wasting my time when I could have been looking for someone else.

Umm sorry but where none of them that group ended cause a girl name ali stoled art and we were in that group and it ended so we diceded to make our own group

A lot of artist left cause of her and the leader had no choice but the end it and we diceded lets make our own group

Yes please.

If you have any queston contact her on instagram @chr.edits plus we didn’t do anything it was this girl name serende that wanted to do all of the request and she has not completed them at all and she said she has things to do in lif e and they take a lot of time and then she quited she said she will still be doing the requests and we have no contact with her any more

When did you say he was tall?

If you want we can do your request

Nope it’s fine I’m done waiting for something that isn’t going to happen

we can do it we have some people that are bored and wanna do a requests

I understand but I am after a specific style

can you show us it cause we have some new members that I have’t putton there examples up

This here

how about this