The Thic Sister hood Offical request thread

Thank you but I think someone has done it and they just have to get it too me!

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I’m finishing the two requests that you gave me off. Feel free to give me the details if you need it done quickly :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much anne your trully amazing

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Awww, ty :heart:

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To be specific, I want kind of a complicated art scene Ill send some references instead of filling out the forms

Art scene details
Character Details
Girl Details

Hair: Beach Wave
Hair color: Black
Eyebrows: Defined Natural
Eye shape: Upturned Bold
Eye color: White
Nose shape: Elven
Mouth shape: Full round
Mouth color: Blush
Face shape: Oval
Body Color: Caramel

Boy character details

Hair: Modern Pompadour
Hair color: Black
Eyebrows: Thin Arch
Eye shape: Deepset piercing
Eye color: White
Nose shape: Button
Mouth shape: Uneven
Mouth color: Blush
Face shape: Defined Triangle
Body Color: Light

Reference pictures

Instead the baby girl should be the boy and instead of a lollipop it should be a basketball


Girl outfits:
Boy Outfit:

Here’s your order @LadySamantha .If you want to change anything just let me know.And Don’t forget to credit me and EpisodeHarmony.Hope you like it.


Wow amazing

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@Madaline.episode @Blackshadow.episode @Skyye

Can you resemd your request here

Episode Harmony Official Request Shop (Open)(Updating)

Thanks :blush:

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Hi just curious do you guys do drawn covers?

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Yes we do

Send it here

Im back form my vacation

I love it! Thank you :heart:

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Did you get the deets on the splash I’m doing?

…your not a member…


How is @LI.W.F not a member can you pm it to me plz

I work at episode harmony…

No you dont

After what you did no