The Thic Sister hood Offical request thread

I don’t want to talk about it, I’m working somewhere else, Greek Gods Official Request Thread. I don’t want you getting involved.

Ok thanks @natasha.episodex for your awareness


@Natalie_c shes in your group wow

Your welcome.

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I’ve just finished making some of my examples, I’ll send them in a pm.

Oh welp

You let her in the group after what she did to amani and some of your friends

Well ok

Please everyone lets cut this out
we are a team/family/freinds why the fight over 1 person ?

oh my god your art scenes :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

can i have a realistic art scene
female: limelight, copper 05 skin, defined natural nose, female genetic emerald green eyes, arched natural black dark eyebrows, long feathered black dark hair, diamond face, full heart pouty brown gold lips

her outfit is tanktopbasicshort cotton neutralblack
chained pendant simple crystal diamond
nauticalshortsropebelt red true
lace cape stiletto heels leather grey black

male: rose 03 skin, round thin light brown eyebrows, wavy messy blonde medium hair, oval wide
blue deep eyes, square jaw face, hooked grecian nose, medium heart fair neutral matte lips.

his outfit is high top classic leather blue, varsity coat plain school polyester blue cadet, chain accessories ripped jeans denim warm grey dark

i want them kissing with the girl’s arms wrapped around the boys neck and the boy is holding her leg and/or waist.


I need it as soon as possbile but don’t rush it. thank you sm!

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Oh well she said sorry right

Sned it here

@Episode.Harmony @natasha.episodex please take this to the pm we are going off topic :kiss:


No she didnt


Pm its really getting off topic

This is not the offical thread and its gonna get close anyway

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But people are requesting in it, we don’t want ppl to think this is all we do(fight, fight, drama, drama, cry, apologize, fight)

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Oh yes I did.

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