The Thic Sister hood Offical request thread


It’s an actuall background in episode its called : EXT. JUVIE ROOFTOP - NIGHT

Thank you


Just wondering when my request would be done :slight_smile:


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Hi @Chloeee, sorry but can I ask if anyone has done your cover?

If not:
Can I ask for each characters details? Also their outfits!


Someone has started , I am sorry thank you for the offer it is very much appreciated


Actually !!
I need a large cover
That is if you are willing to do it of course


Can I ask who started on your cover?


It was me


But you can finish it


Oh no, I dont want to be the one that ruins your work when you have already started it :smile:!


No its ok


I could just work with the large cover and you do the small? Again, im truly sorry I didnt know!


I was also working on the cover




Oof, you could do the large if you want :blush: :two_hearts:


@Chesirekitten101 I wanted a large cover from you when you were making it :slight_smile:
I thought you had stopped because you didn’t get back to me
If you are still doing it then @Skyye I am sorry for this trouble and I no longer need your help, thank you for your concern and help
@Epy.raven If it isn’t any trouble could you still continue the small cover :smile:

All of your help and concern is truly appreciated


Oh I wasnt responding because I was working super hard on the cover and wanted to keep it surprise and yes I was making ti all along and never stopped
And it means I have to stay in contact with @Epy.raven so that the large cover and small cover are the same


Thank you for still continuing it.
I don’t mind if the covers are different and preferably i would rather them different


Ok thank you @Chloeee
I will try my best to adjust it to your needs


Thank you for being so understanding :hearts:
I would like you to continue the cover as a surprise like you said and I would please like it as a large cover
@Epy.raven If you still are completing the small cover , thank you