The Thic Sister hood Offical request thread


What kind of art scene do you want

What are the characters details and the pose you want them in



Body: cooper 07

Brow: arched natural black jet

Hair: medium straight black dark

Eyes: deep set false lashes smokey eye brown black

Face: diamond

Nose: round flared upturned

Lips full round pouty

Denim blue side stich jeans

Turtleneck long sleeve sweater cotton

Heels house party leather white


Body: neutral 06

Brow: arched medium black jet

Hair: bald

Eye: male deep sunken brown black

Face: triangle chiseled scruffy beard

Nose: straight flat

Lips: median straight natural tan deep neutral


Tribal sleeve tattoo

Chain accessories rip jeans denim black

Split top slip ons gradient parent leather red

Tight fitted tank top cotton grey black


Body: gold 07

Brow: round soft black jet

Hair: short curly fade black dark

Eyes: deepset downturned green emerald

Face: chiseled angular stubble

Nose: male generic

Lips: full lower lip sharp brown gold


Professor v neck sweater vest cotton red burgundy

boots rugged leather black

jeans baggy wrinkle denim black

What background do you want
I’d like an art scene that looks like photo I have attached. Same pose and everything

When do you need it?
No rush, whenever you get a chance


I think you dublicated your request


I don’t believe I did as this is the first time I’ve posted here. if it did in fact duplicate it was not intentional




Do you do the art scene? If so I forgot to add my story title Truth or Dare by Jenna Renee


These are good don’t doubt yourself


Those are so old I have way better art now.


practice makes perfect. I wish i knew how but I wouldn’t even know where to begin


What kind of art scene do you want
More of the realistic look

What are the characters details and the pose you want them in
It’s late so I’ll have to get Character details in the morning for you, but I would like him sitting on his porch listening to music looking up smiling. (If can)

What background do you want
I will send tomorrow if okay also

When do you need it
Just when you get to me


What kind of art scene do you want
A realistic one
What are the characters details and the pose you want them in
Female: Light skin tone, fawn beach wave hair, seductive arch for eyebrows, (light)blue upturned bold eyes, classic cherry red lips. Pose: eyeroll_subtle
Male: Tan skin tone, auburn spiked hair, light brown eyes, smirk for lips. Pose: flirt_wink
What background do you want
INT. WALKINCLOSET - DAY but only the left half
When do you need it
Take your time, but I’ll need it by this weekend if possible. Also, can you PM and email ( ) it to me when you finish it?
Other details
I want the female to stand on the left facing the male standing on the right. The male faces the female. And can you do the bubbles thing you had in your second example for the art scenes realistics? That’ll be great.
Thanks in advance!


Hey there! I am really impressed by your work and I was hoping you could make an art scene for me.

I would like a realistic art scene and my characters are down below:

I would like them in a pose where the girl is pressed against a wall and the boy has one hand on the wall and is gazing into her eyes. I would like the girl to be smiling and the boy to have a devilish but cute smirk. I need it as soon as you can.

Thank you!!!


Hi I was wondering if you could make a hand overlay holding a phone please


Hi! Do you do profile pics??


Yes we do!


Could I get one??? Here’s the details!

Style ~ Ink
Skin ~ Tan
Nose - Elven
Eyebrows - Smooth Arch
Hair ~ Fishtail Braid, Chestnut Brown
Eyes ~ Upturned Feline, Taupe
Lips ~ Full Round, Scarlet

Outfit ~ Ridged Moto Jacket, plain tank top, backup singer skirt (hot pink), gold pendant necklace, calf boots (black)

Pose ~ talk_apathetic

Background ~ something artsy

Thank you so so so so so much!!!


K cool!


Can I request a cover for my new story? I have no virtual-art talent whatsoever lol


Of course!


Hey! I love your family! I’m looking for a cover of my new story: Lonely nights.
This is the main character, her name is Katherine. My name (the author) is Dorothy.
This is what she looks like: Katherine

And this is how I’d like her to look/pose:

xx Dorothy


Hi! I would like to request cover art! I know it’s close to the holidays and I don’t want to rush you.
Here is what I would like:

character placement:
Rae and Tess in front, scared
Gwen and Day behind Rae and Tess holding guns
(nothing super specific you guys can get creative