The Thic Sister hood Offical request thread


I would take 8 or 17 minutes


Hows it going with the request???


Sorry, I’m trying to be patient…


If your good at highlight/contour, that would be great. Also, If you could add some highlighting/editing to Gloria/Violets hair, that’d be awesome! A png magic swirl would be great behind the text. Preferably purple or lavender or violet, though.






here is your small cover



Wow amazing work


@Devyn.Episodes sneek peek


I’ll do it!


Here is your cover!! Hope you like it! I can change/add anything if you want, so just ask! :blush::blush:


Hey I added some swirls and a little bit of contour and highlight to Gloria idk if it looks good but I can always change it!


Thank you so much!


This is amazing, thank you so much again! You are really talented.


Hi! Because of the new update for limelight, i might need to change my character details a bit. I’ll send the new version of her once I get home


Hey, can I have an update on my cover, I don’t wanna seem impatient, but this is the second time I asked. I was ignored the first time…


What was ur cover?


This one


Oh let me get someone on that she said she was doing it but something came up


hi @Sho can I have a sneak peek??