The Thic Sister hood Offical requests shop



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Need a story cover!
Cover Art Help?

hope its correct @Sydney_H




Guys it’s incorrect it’s supposed to be in only Art Resources. Use your arrow and hover on Creator’s Corner and read it.It says " Share Scripts Errors,directing advice & questions on the Episode Writing Language".


Not everyone’s art is there which might big be fair for some people including me


you have to send me it


The thing is Sydney probably won’t hesitate to close it down again like last time. Since she’s new. She’s a lot more bound by the rules.


Yeah I think episode cortina terms are bound by the rules




I mean you need to remove the Creator’s Corner tag



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The Thic Sister hood Offical request thread

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All members come here and help out


I don’t want this to be taken down you need to take off the Creator’s Corner tag, at least hover over it with your arrow- you’ll see it’s an incorrect tag. You this thread is a replica of the other two. This problem can be avoided if you take off the tag.


I only joined the group for moral support and to do story reviews…so I can’t really help you I’m not really good at digital art…


Its ok we can help you out


We have a story reviews wanna do them




let me give u the link


I don’t know how to


Could you plz get me a pic of a window big enough for a background? Plz do it ASAP