The things that make a perfect episode story to you!

It’s evening here so, good evening everybody! I’m producing a new story on the platform, and I was wondering what are the points that make a story PERFECT.

Tell me your opinion, I’m super curious! :smiling_face:


Having characters that feel alive. I like it when characters aren’t perfect.


I get what you mean, and I agree with you. Having characters who are perfect in everything becomes boring.

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  • A surprising storyline → unexpected plot;
  • Advanced directing (so, you can see that the author took the time for the story.);
  • Slow burning relationships;
  • Interactivity with the reader → get the reader intertwined with the story;
  • LGBTQ-friendly and cultural diversity friendly;
  • No wait and no gem choices;
  • One LI (I don’t like to chose and dump one or more LI ('s);
  • And what @Jewels28 said right, I also like it when characters aren’t perfect;
  • Not to many black screens for narration (they get me on my nerves);
  • No whole episode for CC (for LI/MC and or the whole family of LI/MC);
  • Stop using mean girls and creepy alley guys popping out of nowhere → little too cliche;
  • No bad grammar and spelling → I am also not a native English speaker, but I check my spelling during coding;
  • No wrong layering → like people walking through each other or kissing the wrong way;
  • No toxic relationships (not against women or men);
  • Stories where in the props are removed and not still there for the rest of the story (sometimes the authors forget to remove the prop, that is so irritating).

If I remember more I will give a scream.

Love A-W


Helloo, so, my new story has 4 LIs, (2 males and 2 females) so yeah, not really your type :sweat_smile:.

You can choose to be a m or a f (if you’re non-binary or other things you can choose the body you feel more comfortable in). Oh and you can ONLY customize the MC, no other characters.

The MC is canonically bisexual!

There’ll be a little plotwist…But I won’t tell hehe.

The rest is not part of the story :grin:

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It’s not that I won’t read your story, but I prefer 1 LI (I mostly can’t chose.) :wink: And by the way, I read your stories, although you have more LI’s you’re one of those exceptions. Your stories are one of a kind (and unique), that’s why I would read it anyway. :heart:

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Hahaha thanks, I was just saying though but thanks :two_hearts:

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  • A story that has direction and you know where the story is headed and you know what direction the characters are headed in.

  • A story with music

  • A story with a satisfying ending, especially one the elaborates on what happens with each character.


I agree with all your three points!

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