The Titans Legacy


Soooooo apparently me nd @Adam.Epy are married and @meadow is our child lolz BUT @Charity1226 is my twin (and in real life lol) and @TillyStage0 is our child. now some are probably thinking how this all happened because there was no wedding well we wanted something small and private (lol)

theres too many people in my family to remember so tag who i missed


Hehe WHAT.


uh YES


Who are you married to?? You have a child???


adam lol


And btw @24aya is not in the family LOL


oh I’m her cake supplier


Think they are some. We added a lot to our family


LMAO SHiStar LMAO but that’s not family though LMAO


yea way too much


shes fam to me




@_Nasia @CrazygirldY_dY_dY


Lol then she is to me too LMAO








@Adam.Epy still upset my meat platter didn’t come with cheese


holy fuh how many many people are in the family?!?! the whole forum?!


I dunno basically yeah