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Hi guys ! I would like to request a cover for my story!

I would like it drawn

I would like it to be 1136x640 (minimum reqs for a background) because although its my cover i would also like to include it in my story as the intro !

the style is LL

the theme- my character is an exotic dancer (stripper) who is dancing to pay for her college tuition.

i want it to be similar to this image:

i want her to be putting on lipstick in the mirror & she’s wearing a revealing deep red bralette that has silver sparkling tassels, & her reflection to have a black graduation cap & gown. (basically as she’s getting ready to go out and perform she sees her future self graduating and her hard work will pay off)

Theres only 1 character, the MC

her hair is the short voluminous curls

her eyes are the deepset false eyelashes

eyecolor is dark hazel

nose is pointed downturned

lips is full round pouty

face shape is diamond

eyebrows is high arch angled

skin color is neutral 06

She’s african american so please make sure her skin color is correct along with her hair. its very crucial to my story line !

her outfit isnt an episode outfit, so just do the best you can !
like i listed above, i would like her to be wearing a revealing deep red bralette with sparkling silver tassels that hangs, and matching shorts that are corresponding to the brallette. if you would like to add some cute details to it please be sure to make them silver to match! also it would be nice if she had skinny diamond earrings that hang, if you need a picture let me know !

pose: i want her to be putting on a deep red lipstick while looking in the mirror. (refer to the picture i inserted above)


Story name: HU$TLE

author name: Author K

artist: @versearrow

do your best, i believe you will do amazing ! sorry if its a challenge but i have this exact vision of what i wanted it to be :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

She isn’t taking request at the moment

oh no :persevere::persevere::persevere::persevere::persevere::persevere::persevere:

which one of you are ?

sorry for intervening but I think she’s asking who is taking requests. :see_no_evil:

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@misskash the shop is currently closed

When it opens do you mind please tagging me? -so I can remember to send my own request in from March :blush:


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Thanks so much!

What you’re requesting:
You can do it like this or do the hand on hand rubbing. More down :point_down:
Type (Drawn/Edited):
Style (Ink/LL):
LL - Limelight
Theme (reference colours, images, etc.):
In love
Number of Characters:
Character Details:

The girl is pregnant and rubbing her belly.
The guy is nexto her and they have hands on each others.
(You can use your fantazy because its a fantazy/romance story! Just make her pregnant (a big belly) and the guy & the girl rubbing her belly!)

Text: Magical Pregnancy (Any type you want.) by : Rilley.writes (you can put little smaler)

password: raptors

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Hey, hun, I don’t think @versearrow is taking any new requests :slightly_smiling_face:

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Can I be tagged when this shop opens again? :pleading_face:


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Ok thanks