The Trophy Wife Storyline

Can someone remind me of what the main conflict was in The Trophy Wife story? I kinda remember it, but I kinda don’t. And I would like an in-depth explanation of it because the last time I read the story, the plot was somewhat confusing to me.

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If you’re referring to the ink story then the story was about how the mc boyfriend died at a convenient store and she meets the LI at a cafe I believe they hit it off and stuff and start dating, they get married but he cheats on her…there’s 2 endings as well, The happy ending where they work out there marriage and stuff or the sad ending where she sleeps with the other guy and catches an std, she also loses custody of her children because of pp.

Again this is just what I remember reading!

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Thank you!

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No in the other ending, she doesn’t sleep and get std. She just decline her relationship with LI and He pins a case against her, and she doesn’t get any money from him so she basically becomes homeless
The other ending was so bitter. It shows the LI character very. Differently.

This is such a spoiler to anyone who hasn’t even read the story yet, lmao. You couldn’t have at least given a brief description :sob:

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What :tired_face:

I get having 2 different endings, but that’s…ridoculously extreme.


This thread was to remind her about the story, how did you expect no spoilers lol you did this to yourself by clicking on this thread :sob:

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My bad :joy: