The truth....I want to hear about you!


Hi again. So this is my truth about my PFP. I change my profile Pic so much that people ask me why you change it so much.

The reason why I change it so much is because I get really bored at that one photo and I have to find the right one. I’m a visual learner and I get real real tiring from looking at one photo. If anyone is a. Visual learner or anything tell me about one important thing down below!
And why you change your pfp so much like meh! :joy:







I’ll tell the truth about why I change my pfp so much

It’s because I usually feel like my pfp doesn’t relate to me.


Same I changed to this pfp because it reminds me of something that I did in the past lol.


I’ll leave this for someone else to answer


…why does someone else have to answer it? Lol


I’ve only changed mah pfp once
And your question is about the reason of changing it so often :woman_shrugging:


Lol, oh…true dat


This is the first time I’ve changed my profile picture. This one is too relatable.


Atreus isn’t my real name :tipping_hand_woman:
I got the name from the recent God of War game lol


Lol i like that one.


this is a thread for the reason of changing PFPs? There’s a thread for your reason of coding your username somewhere else :sweat_smile::slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah. My other one was Suga from BTS


Lol for real? I didn’t even notice.


and it says “I want to hear about you” so lol idk






Like my new pfp?




Same girl! I just changed my pfp and I’m probably gonna change it again!