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Not everything needs correcting… it’s jdut for fun

well if you are saying misinformation. then yes it needs to be corrected

It’s not misinformation Jesus Christ I may not say it exactly the way you want it but you know what I mean. If you don’t follow the rules, we can report you and flag you and you could possibly be removed for a day or so. With group messages, they can just create a new one without you. Clear enough?

its misinformation if its incorrect. you should’ve been specific so i wouldn’t have said that. also its suspended. you wont get that from a couple of flags/reports of breaking a thread’s rules. im done.

Ok for real chillll I know all that it’s so establish a sense of finality and trust and like hey DONT do this

bruh lmao you chill. i said that stuff YESTERDAY.

I didn’t see it tbh lol

I fell asleep watching YouTube and then had shook and then had to go help teach and post new stuff for my Episode class that I co teach

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