The use of gain in choices

Hi everyone,
I’m currently working on my very first story, which is about to be published soon, so here I am at 1AM paying attention to little details and endlessly previewing my story to make sure the coding is okay. Anyway so far I’ve noticed that when I write a choice which leads to different paths with different dialogues & interactions later on, it seems like it… doesn’t work ? Let me illustrate.

(i know it’s not how you actually code but its a simple example)

choice "first option "
character gain honesty
“second option”
character gain trust

So far everything is fine. But when I want to use this previous choice to be “remembered” and be used later on using if/elif/else it seems like I have no matter what choose I made, it’s always the dialogues and interactions which correspond to the “If”
Like this :
if (honesty) {
@character does stuff A}
elif (trust)
@character does stuff B}

It seems like even the character does not have honesty (as she chose option 2) she will
say stuff A nonetheless.
When I first tried my story on my phone (after reseting my whole story progress), the elif worked when I previously chose option B
But as I don’t want to do it all over everytime I want to make sure it’s okay, I tried to use the “Navigation” option to go through the choices to go back to the moment when my character gain honesty/trust then I played again to the moment where this choice impact the story later on and again, no way for the stuff B to be displayed

I honestly don’t think my coding is (that) bad because I really checked many times. I don’t think that’s a bug either.
So I’m asking you, is there an explanation to this ? Something I should know ? Is my coding definetely the problem ?

I’m really annoyed by this because I have to constantly use goto then and it’s heavy to duplicate some scenes sometimes just to make a slight change in dialogues.

Thanks in advance !
(I’m sorry for my lack of clearity. It’s kind of hard to explain when you first language isn’t english)

If you have previewed the story once, and have not reset the episode, it may keep the flag. Check that the gain has been removed.

Story Modifiers - Flags - Make sure your flag is not selected, it will be blue.

Unselected Flag


I’m pretty sure your code is fine, but if you want your character to do stuff b, you have to reset the flags each time you preview.

So you’d have to go to Story modifiers>Flags> then deselect the gain you don’t want. Then go to the scene you character made the choice and you’ll be able to see the other result.

Oh oop you replied faster than me xD

I had no idea (like…i didn’t even KNOW flags were a thing in coding… it’s that bad) but this is definetely life-changing.
Thanks a lot to both of you for your answers !

Hi ! I’m just going to ask on this topic instead of creating a new one. It’s still about gains and flags. I just wanted to know if they are reseted every episode. I’m now editing chapter 4 and when I tap on story modifiers > flags there isn’t any from previous episode. Is that they’re not taken into consideration anymore or that they just don’t appear ?


Hi the app does remember them - so if reader makes choice wit gains in chapter 1 you can use it in chapter 4

But writers portal doesn’t remember it - fo for testing in portal you have to use the flag modifications tools to test it.

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