The User.Story Awards!



Welcome to the story awards!

What is the story awards?

The story awards is for under read stories! Nominate either your story or your friends story! There is no limit on nominations, we only ask you don’t submit the same story over and over. You will have 2 readers each reading up to 3 episodes. You will receive a review from each judge/team at the end.


If you are a judge and nominating your own story, you will not be able to judge your own story. To judge just ask!


There Will Be Only One Winner for each!

Best Director
Best Scenes
Best Thrill
Best Love Interests
Most Creative
Most Inspirational
Most Unique

What Happens if You Win?

You can choose to get all or some of these!
An Epy.Story Award Sticker Applied to your Cover under your winning category,
A Brand New Large Of Small Cover (only one)
A Shoutout on insta
A shoutout on the forums
A shoutout on the app
A credit Free Background & or overlay from @Itz_Madison
A credit free art scene from @Teahwalker

How to Nominate/Be Nominated:

  1. Fill out this google form by clicking Here!
  1. Make sure Your Story doesn’t have more than 4,000 reads

And that’s all!


Just ask!


October 10th!

Checking out your stories. Come here and Share your story!
The User.Stories Awards needs Judges!
How do i make my story famous? or get many reads?

I can’t seem to access the form.


Same, it says there’s no file…


@ErinH @RainbowCat try again let me know if it works!


It works! Thank you!


Just filled out the form!


@everyone please tag your friends!


You might be interested in this!


Check this thread out. You girls might be interested.


And if you want to be a judge let me know and choose your Team!


Thank you maria for mention me but nobody will want to read my story i even enter the contest :frowning: but no result


You entered this contest?


Thank you for mentioning me! Is really sweet of you! I will check the others stories! :kiss:


I entered one but i see this is a new one


The other one she said she will release updates, by the end of this month.


Idk how she is going to do that is a looot of stories there


We now have 10 responses! Anyone willing to judge?


17 now!! :grin:


@Shanzella @jessfox13 @Metalicious @mysoxlike2party


Thank you for the tag.:slight_smile: