The User.Story Nominees


Best Director

@Aquamarine’s Sea Of Lies
@granolias’s Two To Tango
@Day’s Crossed Paths

Best Scenes

@Daniela96’s Forbidden Love

Best Thrill

@granolias’s Two To Tango

Best Love interests

@Teahwalker’s inseparable

Most Creative

@Teahwalker’s Inseparable
@granolias’s Two To Tango

Most Insperational

Most Unique

@Mysoxlike2party’s The Geniune Fake
@VivianAlana’s Natalie Hartman’s Guide To Surviving Seventeen

Not all stories will be in a catagory, some categories will be left blank.

The User.Story Awards!

So how does it work from here if we made it to the nominations? :grinning:


Well if there are more than one for a nomination I will review them both and decide the final winner of the category. If I like them both equally I will do first place & second place for those. You, @Daniela96, @TeahWalker, And @granolias have single nominations for your Scenes so you guy have won it unless someone else gets nominated and whatsoever. And winner will receive like one of those newberry honor medal for ther cover or new cover to add on. Do you understand that lol?


Uh…why was I tagged in this? :sweat_smile:


Did you write Sean of Lies? Otherwise it tagged you because you have the same name


No, I didn’t write that… sorry. :sweat_smile:


Then it just tagged you when we typed the author name