The Vampire Diaries 🌻

I’m currently watching The Vampire Diaries on Netflix (3rd time watching) and I’m wondering who are your favourite characters and who would you have wanted Elena to end up with?
In my opinion I stick by the script, Damon and Elena, and my favourite character is Damon. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: .He’s to die for. So what about you guys??


Never actually watched it, tho it has always been on my list, do you recommend it??


I do, it’s one of the best tv shows I have ever watched x


Oh no! I prefer Stefan if I have to choose, but all three of them (Damon, Stefan & Elena) have problems which make me kinda dislike them. I actually think Elena should’ve ended up with neither of them, she grew throughout the series and she had her whole life to find someone she loved.

I personally liked Alaric and Jo the best, I was devastated at their wedding :upside_down_face: I also liked Caroline, she grew from being a b!tch to one of the strongest characters.

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I read the books. and seen like two episodes. I liked the 3 first. but in the fourth and they brought Eline back to life I just feelt like it was done to make sell more books.

also I really hate she was blone in the books and brunette in the show

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I definitely love Delena. I kind of just wish that they had more time together on screen at the end.

I 100% agree! x

Yeah I saw something about that yesterday, the producers were hoping for a nice blonde beautiful girl to audition for Elena but nobody suited the roll like Nina Dobrev

Still they could have givin her a wig or something

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DELENA all the way, Stefan just irritates me if I’m being honest. However I wish they had more screen time. My favorite characters were Damon, Bonnie and Klaus lmao. Klaus’ character was just amazing.

Omg I agree lol, I also love Elijah, and the first time I watched TVD, I honestly hated Stefan, now I’ve rewatched it twice, Stefan and both Tyler are growing on me. Klaus is just wow. Damon is gorgeous. :sweat_smile:

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het btw has anyone seen the hillywood parody

Tbh it’s an unpopular opinion, but I love Stefan. He deserved so much better than he got. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED Delena, but I found them boring in the later seasons. I think Damon was so much funnier before. :grimacing: Stefan always put what Elena wanted before anything & so I really liked them together.

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My favourite character is definitely Damon! I’m watching the show for the first time at the minute and I’m on season 6 now. I love Delena!

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Lmaoo right! I don’t think I could ever get over how annoying Stefan is :joy: or even Caroline :sob:

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Klaus and Damon are always gonna be my favs :pleading_face:

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Definitely Delena, they just have really good chemistry in my opinion, even though Elena kind of annoys me at times.:sweat_smile: But my favorite characters are probably Damon, Klaus, And Elijah. And this is probably an unpopular opinion, but I can’t stand Caroline, never have liked her.:woman_shrugging:

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Aaah finally someone watch it too :scream:
My favourite is Damon and Elijah is fine too :heart_eyes:
Stefan is uh how to describe him little too soft for me :sweat_smile:
I’m on season 4 now but I vote for Elena i Damon :heart_eyes:

Lol literally everything you said is how I feel. I’m currently on episode 10 season 5. Yesterday I was on season 4 episode 18, I’m racking through The Vampire Diaries :joy:

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Lmao girl your faster then me :joy: I’m on ep 10 now season 4 :sweat_smile:

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