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An unusual infection that eats away at the skin and mind takes the lives of most of the people in a small town, years later, the town now in ruins, society is finding a way to cope. But now that there are other things to worry about, besides the infection itself, like gangs that raid, steal, and kill others just for their own sake of survival, there’s no telling how long one can survive in a world like this one without vanishing like everyone else.

Will you stay strong and fight the infection, or will you vanish from another cause?


A post-apocalyptic Story Game.

Full Summary of Plot

Years ago, something unusual occurred in a small town. Downtown, a woman by the name of Sandra Sutton was reported to have started scratching herself all over claiming that it “burned” in a sort of way. She stood in the middle of the road, cars beeping at her as she practically scrapped her skin off. One could wonder how it was possible for something like that to happen as it did. She fainted and was taken to a hospital immediately. No one was sure of what Sandra was going through, not even the doctors, there was no explanation whatsoever.

After a couple of days in the hospital, her family reportedly noticed her skin had started peeling by itself by now, and that she started to move less and not talk at all. When someone touched her hand, she had no reaction. She wasn’t eating, hearing, seeing, or talking, she wouldn’t even sleep. It was as if Sandra herself had disappeared out of her own body, she was basically lifeless. The whole town listened in on the story of Sandra Sutton whenever the news reported on it, they sat on the edge of their seats hoping for her to return back to normal, but Sandra was gone. She had vanished, completely losing all of her senses. Her ability to talk or do anything was lost, her body just layed there, wide-eyed and awake, but truly dead inside. Everyone in the town lost a bit of themselves that day when Sandra Sutton’s lifeless body was taken from the hospital and to a lab to study what was wrong with her, before questions remained unanswered and the husband and three children of poor thirty-one-year-old Sandra J. Sutton had to watch her still but open-eyed body get put into the ground. This was only the first instance, and later on, there were many more.

More and more cases of this ‘disease’ began to spread across the town and eventually, a person dying from at first, the instance of what seemed like a harmless little want to scratch turned a burning sensation impossible to control, to skin peeling off and away, though not always completely, until your senses had gone and nothing was left of you. You would be still, thoughtless, and lifeless it seemed, just like Sandra. The ‘Vanishings’ is what they called it, because the lives of over half of the people in the town had up and vanished. No one knew why it happened, or how to prevent it. But they did know where it came from, it was an airborne disease having something to do with the sun. Adults and older were known to not always live as long, being shielded from the sun wasn’t of much help, but usually worked, and many surviving people with the disease strived on little exposure to the sun and vaccine that was usually difficult to find and keep, though this vaccine required continuous use, otherwise it wouldn’t work for too long. But that was all everyone knew—and the disease spread farther than the town.

Years later, the barely-surviving people of a humble town now overrun with ruin and decay still have no answers to the now outdated questions of The Vanishings, but hope still exists, if one knows where to find it.


  1. Not sure if this would qualify as godmodding since this is both an rp and an sg but, there’ll be a bit of that in this.
  2. I can kill off your characters, but I’d only do it depending on your character and their situation and if it fits, so don’t worry.
  • Your character will have to survive in these conditions, however, it’s possible that they might end up dying depending on how they decide to go about living in those conditions.
  1. Be creative! Make your character have a long, detailed past. I’ll need that so I can portray them correctly when I need to.
  2. Since I’m still not sure about making this a whole sg, I decided to make it a bit of both (you’ll see how), unless you’re opposed to this, feel free to pitch in!
  3. You can only reserve up to three characters, make sure they even out though (one girl, two boys or two girls, one boy). If you reserve two characters in The Allyance, reserve a character in Lincoln. Or don’t, just make sure it’s fair! There’ll be more rules on the actual thread, don’t see a need in putting them all here.
This is an SG now, so no need to read this!


This one’s a bit hard to explain but, feel free to ask as many questions as you like!

So basically, this is what I would like to call the Pick & Choose Your Own Outcome Guide. There’ll be little “episodes” almost, where I’ll write out an event or situation (usually involving a specific character or two most of the time) and I’d list the choices available for you to pick but you would get to write it out instead. Think of it as if you’re reading a writing prompt (or something, I don’t know) and you’re writing something completely based off of that prompt as an outcome. I give you an idea, you complete the idea, and this process repeats and unfolds throughout the rp.


Aaron turned to the duo, a large smile painted on his face that seemed to be glowing in the early morning sunlight. He held up two cans of food, it was just beans, but it would have to do. He opened his mouth to say something, until an arrow came out of nowhere and pierced through his stomach, blood seeping through his dark green shirt. Kai watched in horror as his twin brother’s blood had spread onto his jacket, Aaron now in shock, couldn’t move a single muscle. The other scavenger in the group, Quinn, ran up to him.

“No, this can’t possibly be happenin’ right now.” she cried. Kai stood on the opposite side of her, trying to reassure his brother.

“Stay still, Aaron, we can get it out.”

By the time Kai had finished his sentence, Aaron had fallen to the ground, his body lay sideways on the dirt ground. It was too late. The once clear blue, cloudless sky had now turned a depressing grey, it started to rain. Which meant that even though they were safe from the sun, it would be harder to concentrate on walking back to the factory, as the rain was simply just too much. With tears of anger and fury in his eyes, Kai looked ahead to see if anyone was out there, anyone of whom he could take the life of as revenge for his dead brother. Anyone would be okay, even if it was someone not responsible for it. He saw a figure, one not so clear, as the hard rain made it harder to see. Quinn closed Aaron’s eyes, kissing him on his now pale lips. She got up, noticing Kai’s distant look.

“Did you see 'em?” she wiped her tears, her voice cracking from the sadness she felt. “The sh*thead who killed Aaron?”

Kai stayed silent, focusing on where the figure might’ve fled to.

“Once we do, I swear to God I’ll crack the motherf*cker’s skull open-” Quinn spoke, but was interrupted by Kai, who’d started to run from where they were standing.


[a] Chase after Kai.
[b] Leave him and go back to the factory.

In this way sorry for the long paragraphs lol, kind of felt like writing for a sec there you’ll choose your choice. When you choose it, you’ll format it like a regular post/reply in an rp, just pick a choice and describe it however you want to (in third person though). Whoever’s character is Kai would react to whoever has Quinn as a character’s post in a reply (as usual). Though most of the time, events like these would affect the majority of every character in the rp to make life easier (though sometimes it might be geared towards specific ones.) Everyone picks a choice and writes it out, I’d write an event or situation to connect to it and proceed from there.

Oh and I basically just killed off (a nonexistent one, obviously) character, Aaron. This was because he was just a weak character overall, and wasn’t careful of his surroundings. I’ll usually tell you why your character died under the choice guide.

Get it? I’ve never seen anything like this done on here, so I’m hoping this isn’t too complicated (otherwise I’ll just make it an sg entirely) and could be given a chance!


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Credit to @Kale for helping me out!

The Allyance (Group)

  • Second-in-command (1/1)
  • Medic (2/2)
  • Scavenger (3/3)
  • Cook (1/1)
  • Guard (3/3)

Lincoln (Gang)

  • The gang leader can’t be reserved because I’ll pick which character fits most!

  • Second-in-command (1/1)
  • Medic (1/1)
  • Scout (3/3)
  • Cook (1/1)
  • Lookout (2/3)

I’m still deciding on whether or not the second-in-command role should be reserved. I’ll still pick which character fits most though.

No need to state what gender, just the role! If you sign up, please tell me what role you signed up for! (it gets confusing otherwise cause the list isn’t updated on the forms because if I try to it messes up with the responses and makes life hard.)

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