The Vanishings | SG | Sign-Ups [OPEN]


Is it possible to change my face claim to this?


hey @arielbelles I submitted my character a while ago now, but it’s still not on the faceclaims?


@livvy613 Sure!
@Ella I know, the faceclaims aren’t finished. c:


@K_mren is still interested. She just is grounded rn.


Singed up for the Allyance Group. :raising_hand_woman:
Char: Alexis White, 21, female. (Guard)

But I noticed that most of the characters are females, so if needed, my character can totally convert into a male named (Alexander “Alex” White), nothing else needs to be changed, he’s gay so he still has the same past and interests as Alexis.
FC in case of male:

Tag me when everything starts. :sunglasses: I’m always interested.


When I do add all the rest of the characters to the fc’s, I think I’ll make them a boy if that’s okay. c:


When do you think to SG will start?




Is this full?
Edit: if it not I would like to be a lookout for the Lincoln gang…


Is this still open if so I would like to join