The Venting Thread 🖤

Hey, so I know we have a ranting thread and confession thread and @meadowh was talking to me about wanting to vent, but she had some doubts and I decided to make a thread where everyone can vent if they are sad or feeling alone in any way and need to get it off of their chest and what better way to make a thread? Also, please don’t feel like you are alone, you’re not. No one here will judge, I promise. All you have to say in the beginning is “I just want to vent…” and then put whatever you are feeling or what ever has happened that made you feel sad or whatever emotion you are feeling.

    # RULES:
  1. No being rude. People can feel down and get lonely and depressed at times, this is a thread where you get things off your chest. No making comments to people who might be sad to stop being a crybaby or a sissy, etc!

  2. No going off topic. It seems to happen with these threads and it gets quite tiring to see people go off topic. Flag anyone who does or PM them asking for them to remove the comment, no being rude either. Stay civilized, please :slightly_smiling_face:

  3. Don’t feel pressured. You don’t have to talk about anything about your life if you don’t want to.

  4. Please don’t feel alone!

    # Thanks! 

I hope every one of you has a wonderful and beautiful day or night :heart:


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Please if you have anyone who you think would want to post on this topic, PM me their usernames :blush: Also, please share this thread so people can see it!


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