THE VERMILLION BAR - Sign Up & Discussion Thread

The Vermillon Bar

Welcome to The Vermillon Bar. Come in, order a drink and talk to our bartenders about everything at all, problems with love, jobs or just life issues in general.

After all, tomorrow, you might even forget that you had this conversation with a stranger. Isn’t it good to let things all out and erase things from your mind for at least one day? But of course, you are welcome to visit our place again. You will have the chance to meet all kinds of people, have some conversations with them while enjoying some good music with our delicious drinks. The bar also has events like jazz nights, talent shows, quizzes shows and comedy nights. Be our guests.

Hey, it’s TayTay :eyes:
So, this is the sign up and discussion thread for THE VERMILLION BAR ROLEPLAY AND STORYGAMES.

Please read every information bellow carefully before signing up. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or just ask on this thread.


For Signing Up And Reservations
  • You have to submit your writing test.
  • You have to wait for my approval before reserving.
  • I have the rights to not accept your reservations.
  • The reservations for roles are limited, who comes first gets first. No exception.
  • Before signing up please read all the information carefully or ask me if you don’t understand anything to avoid mistakes in the form.
  • No Mary Sues or Gary Stues. Give them flaws.
  • Choose a high quality FC please.
  • Be descriptive in their personalities and biographies.
  • Encourage diversities in age, sexuality, ethnicity and occupations.
  • You have to make a male for every two characters you reserve.
  • This is an advanced RP/SG. Please write more than 5 sentences with good grammar.
  • No godmodding.
  • Dramas in the RP/SG, fine. Drama between the players is forbidden. We don’t want to get the thread to shut down and create negativity. Please be respectful.
  • Please do not make any major decisions without asking me first.
  • Basic forums rules about explicit contents.
  • You have to put a warning if you are about to mention a sensitive topic in your post. And do some research on it, don’t just use them for the sake of dramas. Be respectful.
  • Be active. If you are not on for four days without asking me, I’ll send you a PM asking. Two weeks without asking me, your characters will be killed off or put up for adoptions.


Name//Role//Location w// someone

[enter RP post]



[ORP content]

P/S: You can have pictures of what your characters are wearing. It’s not that important.



For the RP part, your characters will interact with other characters, have conversations, anything. The RP part is also for people to write their characters’ reactions to certain SG events.

For the SG part, I will give you guys questions and polls in the PM for you guys to answer. The SG part will focus on events like Comedy Shows, Jazz Night, Quizz Shows, etc…

Here is the interesting part. I will PM each player for their characters’ missions. Not completing the missions more than five times will get your character eliminated from the RP/SG and you can’t use them again.

Pay attention closely to what the characters say or do, because you might have a clue on what their mission is about. You have to stop other characters to complete their missions. And if you know exactly what their mission is, PM me. If you answer correctly, your characters might have a bigger role in the main story plot.

The main story plot is hidden right now, but I will start giving out small details and clues through PM or SG posts. Pay very close attention.

Here are the Writing Test Form and Sign Up Form. Relationships document and FC slides will be out after we have more than 5 characters submitted.

Sign Up Closes On 26th July - If You Need More Time, PM Me.

Writing Test

Sign Up Form


@themaystorms @Ella @SilverRose @classycherries @BrookieK @ScarletSwanHunter @rickyy @veganwater @CrazyCaliope @KookiesAndKreme @Kittenlove @Whannabe @Secreterz @Xoxo_dimples @AnimeOtome @Rose.M @EchoRavencroft @Madilnel @BlueInferno


Reserve bartender

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I’ll reserve a female VIP Guest - doing the writing test now (;

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Can I reserve a Bar Manager? (Male)
I’ll do the writing test ~

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I’ll do the test later

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After I check the test I will announce if you guys can sign up or not. But right now the spots are yours ;))



can u tell me if I made it?

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I’d like to reserve a male bartender and a male jazz band member. And I’ll do the test now

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I’d like to reserve a female bartender and a guest, please. If I made it

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@Ella You can signup now.
@Kittenlove It’s beautiful Kitten :eyes: What role would you like to reserve? ;))



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Thank you. Literally took me forever to copy it

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Reserve a male bartender and a VIP female guest

EDIT submitted the writing test

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@Thecode004 submitted! :grin:

EDIT: Did I make it? :sweat_smile:

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I’ll just do the test later since im not home

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Can it be something I wrote in another rp?

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Reserve female VIP guest, submitting my test now :relaxed:

Edit ~ Submitted the test :+1:


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Hmm… Reserve a male bartender, and a female guest.

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Yeah and my bartender is a female btw

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I submitted my writing test ~

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