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Hey, I just wanted to know if you have accepted my request.
Sorry for inconvenience.

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How Many Outfits Do You Need - 2
Ink Or LL - LL
Gender - Female
Body Type (Plus Sized or Female Body) Female normal
Occasion - This is the ceremony when Lila becomes Qeen of Sartola
Style - VERY VERY EXTRA fancy
Extras (Tattoos, Freckles, Etc.) - Could you please try to include colours like sky blue, aqua, blue, gold. ANd if possible add a bit of accesories because my mc is rich af.
When Do You Need Them - Any time, take you time!

@Mariasamer14, @Dramatic I am open to take requests again now :two_hearts:


@Makayla.Reed @covinhas.episode @Justheaven

I am extremely sorry for the delay in fulfilling your requests! I have been really busy with my story for the FT contest and haven’t had time to work on edits.

That being said, I am publishing my story on Thursday, January 14. I will have all of your requests done shortly after that date. But if you need to cancel your requests, I understand. Thank you for your patience!

edit status update

@/covinhas.episode: I have done outlines for all three of your characters. I just have to add text and backgrounds.

@/Makayla.Reed and @/Justheaven: I have not started working on your requests.


yes :joy:

Request for @teekay

Large Cover

Title of story: Swan Lake
Font: Playfair Display
Color: White

Character Details


  • Body: Female generic body, Color: neutral 01
  • Brow: Arched Thin, Color: blonde medium
  • Hair: Long wavy blowout, Color: blonde medium
  • Eyes: Deepset downturned, Color: Blue deep
  • Face: Heart Soft
  • Nose: Grecian soft
  • Lips: Full round pouty, Color: fair neutral matte


  • Body: Female generic body, Color: rose 01
  • Brow: Arched thin high, Color: black dark
  • Hair: Long wavy blowout, Color: black dark
  • Eyes: Deepset downturned, Color: grey cool
  • Face: Heart soft
  • Nose: Grecian soft
  • Lips: Full round pouty, Color: pink beige matte

Outfit and accessories




-This is a background that’s waiting for approval


  • I don’t really have a theme. Mystical, I would say?


-I kinda want the characters to look like their in deep thought. And if it’s possible could you make it look like they’re looking up?

Number of characters

  • 2

Story genre

  • Fantasy


-No deadline.

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Hey, do you maybe have a pose reference or something you could show so I can understand how you want it? Thank you for requesting :two_hearts:


Here you go. Thanks so much!!!

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Okay, thank you!


No problem, I hope the new story went well. Wishing you the best of luck!! :blush:

Meanwhile, one of my friends did CCs for my characters so you don’t have to finish them, if it’s not much of a trouble for you.

Thank you so much and let me know your story’s title for me to read once is out! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Ok, no problem! If you do end up needing the cards for some reason, I have the outlines done and I would be able to add the text to it them an hour or less.

Also, my story is called FT: The Emperor. It is a drama based on The Emperor’s New Clothes and will be published on January 14. :blob_sun:

@Diabuttan will you remove @covinhas.episode from my list?


Oh yes! I already have your story on my list! :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:
I made a post on my insta! Can’t wait for read it!!!

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I want an artscene please @teekay :blue_heart:

The female details:

Body: Female Athletic Body (Copper 02)
Brow: Arched Natural Scar (Chestnut brown)
Hair: Wavy long (Red purple)
Eyes: Deepset Downturned (Green emerald)
Face: Diamond
Nose: Defined Natural
Lips: Full Round Pouty (Royal blue matte)

The male details:

Body:Male athletic body (Neutral 03)

Brow:Straight medium scar (Black dark)

Hair:Stlicked back solid (Black dark)

Eyes:Deepset downturned (Brown pale)

Face:Chiseled square stubble shaved

Nose:Defined Natural

Lips:Medium heart (Beige rose)



The pose:

But I want the art scene full body!! And please I want the female character look surprised and opening her mouth :joy:

The background:


Here’s your request! This is one of my first times doing LL so I hope you like it!
Please tell me if you want anything changed!!

I wasn’t sure what way you wanted your character to be so I did it both ways!


Request for @taylor.slvr
Small or Large Cover ? :** Both please
Story Title : Code Blue
Author Name : Potter
Do you want it to be edited or drawn ? : edited
Text, Classic, Ink Or Limelight ? : LL
Character/s Details (including extra details) :

This is how they look i default

Character/s Outfit : I would like them both to be in scrubs. The male in white overcoat and with stethoscope as well.
Character/s Animation/Poses : forehead to forehead in a romantic way
Do you have an image to support the pose ? :
Background (upload if you have a background ready) : The Seattle skyline or if thats not possible, any city skyline!
Theme/Vibes/Colours : bright, vintage “good-feeling”, happy, romantic
Do you want the artist/editor to put the title ? : yes please
Do you want the artist/editor to put author name ? : yes please
Any font preferred and colour ? : different shades of blue in the text and cursive font
Any special request ? : I want the MC hair to be significant, it is unique for her and I would like the cover to represent that! And important also is that they both have scrubs!
DEADLINE : Feb 15th

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sorry, I don’t draw

Thank you for requesting :two_hearts:

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Okay but editing works as well :slight_smile:

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I know and I’m so so sorry for late responding :pleading_face:, but I kinda lost the motivation and time for editing, I hope you can understand, but if you still want it, I’ll do it today, I promise for real now, it’s just the character card, right?


Phonebooth on 21st street


I need a cover for a story if that’s possible. I don’t know if anyone wanna do it but if you want to, thank you!

Baddie, very beautiful, etc.
Like the nevest wonder woman! (I don’t know her name but.

I would like her to look like that but in normal clothing, in a skirt with a white blouse and heels.

Guy- Strong, good looking, etc.

He should be wearing a nice blue suit with a black tie.
Like Henry cavill!

I would like them to stand back to back with her pointing a gun at him over her shoulder to his head!

Thanks beforehand!