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hope this good.

Small Cover

2 Version

Large Cover

2 Version

I was wondering if @teekay is available?

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Not right now, sorry. But in a few days again :blush:

Hey! just wanted to ask @epy.love how my request is going & when you plan to start it :))

Thank you so much! It’s amazing! :star_struck:

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okay :slight_smile: thank you, I’ll try in a few days

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Request profile photo for @epy.love

Character details
Eyes-Female Generic (Brown black)
Face-Heart soft
Lips-Full round putty(Neutral medium nude gloss) but you can add a cuter lip gloss shade
Eyebrow-Arched natural scar
Body-Female soft (Neutral 04)
Hair-wavy blowout(Black dark)
Nose-round button
Extra items
Triangle long earrings metal silver
Dagger heart tattoo ink multi color
Lock necklace metal gold
Nose bridge studs silver
Background: any background is fine with me as long as it blends well with my character
Pose any pose is fine with me you can even use the same pose as your example

Outfit: Diamond cut out black top or structure bralette top denim light white, ripped jeans denim blue and chuncky leather sneakers[white]

can I get two of them one full body and one half body just like the one in your examples
if not just do the half body
thx much(:

Hey Im done with your request! I hope you like it :two_hearts:


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@Liv.r @juliewrites @Katherine_thewriter @miramiraonthewall @Audrey31 I’m available again if your requests still stand :upside_down_face:


sure! i still don’t have a timeline so whenever u can <3

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Thanks! Just give me a moment and I’ll send my request (:

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@teekay , no rush just making sure you didnt forget abt me :green_heart:

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@epy.love This is for a profile picture :grin:
What Style (INK or LL) Limelight
Drawn or Edited Drawn
Character Details


Pose Reference

Pose Reference

Outfit You can use the outfit in the character card :slight_smile:



Extra Details (importance in height, facial features, tattoos, etc.) Nose piercing and any rose tattoo is fine! Please make it a waist-up portrait.

Password: Phonebooth on 21st street

Hi, @teekay . I’d like to request two covers: One small, one large. Here is the small cover:

which style: Limelight
title, font and color of the title:

Title Details

Title: Partners in Crime (Full title is actually R&R: Partners in Crime but just have the shortened version appear on the cover)
Font: Click here → Google Fonts
Color: White, glowing effect

character details:

Character Details

(Don’t use these outfits; these are just the characters)

outfit and accessories:

Outfit Details

Adrienne (female):

Ryder (male):


Background Details

This part of the request might be kind of difficult. I can change this if necessary! There are two parts to this background request. Both are used with permission from free websites and/or are from Episode.
This is what goes in the back.
(zoom in closer)
Next, this caution tape goes right in front of it… I don’t know how this will turn out so do you mind making two versions, one with the caution tape and one without? It’s okay if you don’t.
The characters will be sitting on the balcony railing, in front of the caution tape.

theme: I’m not sure, but maybe something… spicy? If that’s the right word? It’s a forbidden romance. Probably something with romantic and rebellious vibes with a dreamy feel.

Reference Pose

Just ignore the poses on the side. I’d like a pose kind of like the one in the middle. They will be sitting on the balcony railing; in front of the caution tape.

Number of characters: 2; one male, one female
Genre of the story: Drama/Romance (a little bit of mystery, action, and comedy)
deadline: If possible, by March 14, which is in a little over two weeks. No pressure though; I don’t want you to stress over it! Let me know if you need a little more time; I can add an extra day. :slight_smile:

Phonebooth on 21st street

I’m requesting a large cover too, but I’d like it to be exactly the same except that it’s a close-up of the characters. Thank you! (:

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Hey sorry my requests are closed!

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I’m gonna try and finish them all this weekend!

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I’m really sorry but which request are you talking about? Could you reply to it so I can remember it again :worried:

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Thank you for requesting! I’ll get to it as soon as I can :two_hearts::two_hearts:

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Reqeust for : @taylor.slvr
**Small or Large Cover ? :**Large
**Story Title :**The Sinclair’s
Author Name : Caitlin.W
**Do you want it to be edited or drawn ? :**Drawn
Text, Classic, Ink Or Limelight ? : Limelight
Character/s Details (including extra details) : They are three rich and mean girls who happen to be sisters. Audrey Sinclair the oldest, Ava Sinclair, they middle child, and Amber Sinclair the youngest. They are mean to everyone they meet. There’s a new girl, Penelope, who comes to the school and they find out that she’s competetion so they start to bully her. The story unravels alot of drama between the girl’s family history together and their past relations with one another.
Character/s Outfit : Audrey: Red Flanel collor suit jacket with long sleeve suit shirt and red flanel skirt (Kind of like the Heathers) Ava : White suite shirt (to the elbows)with a blue bow on the collor of the shirt and a blue flanel skirt. Audrey: Short sleeve suite shirt with green flanel skirt. (basically like the Heathers)

Character/s Animation/Poses : All of the girls can have their arms crossed while smirking (idk like mean girls)
Do you have an image to support the pose ? : no
Background (upload if you have a background ready) :
**Theme/Vibes/Colours :**School theme the colors can be blueish
Do you want the artist/editor to put the title ? : yes pelase
Do you want the artist/editor to put author name ? : Yes
Any font preferred and colour ? : White color font serif italic
**Any special request ? :**Nope
DEADLINE : A month from now

Thank you soo much!!! <3

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